I was finally able to watch Venom 2! Now I can read fic without fear of spoilers. 😁 :venom:

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I love She-Hulk. Y'know what I'd love to see, though? A She-Hulk run where She-Hulk was actually, y'know, hulking -- but not a complete rage-monkey. Just the same She-Hulk we all know and love -- with the same intelligence and sexual charisma -- but she's. ...she-HULK. If you have a look around at #shehulk art, it's all bodybuilder bodies and bikini model heads, which is irritating for a variety of reasons. She's a fun character! Can't she be a fun character with the face of a Hulk? #comics #art

Sorry for not being around much. On Sunday I got my booster shot for Covid and I haven’t been feeling all that great. Hopefully I’ll start to feel better today.

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I love it when a fanfic is really smutty but also really fluffy. :blobCatBlush:

MCU Civil War 

I feel like both Steve and Tony had valid points, but even if Steve had said yes to the accords, how long do you think they would have lasted? Eventually, something would have happened to make the Avengers say Fuck it.
This is why I skip fics tagged "not Cap friendly" or "not Tony friendly." I just can't be bothered with all that drama.
Sorry if this comes off as me fic bashing. Read/write the fics you want. This is just my personal opinion.

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yearly reminder as they are deploying their Santas now to not give a fucking cent to the Salvation Army ✌️ they are violently queerphobic, racist, and other pretty nasty things. your money always does better going right into the pockets of vulnerable folk, not thru a charity.

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the thing about cords, cables, wires, strings, etc. is that they have a malevolent will of their own and will take any opportunity to spite you

Can't decide what to watch, so MST3K it is. 🤖​

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United States of Captain America #5 

"'Punching nazis, that's something we all like to do" - Captain America

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I love the fact that this instance has an announcement section. It’s nice to know that I won’t miss anything if I can’t check for a couple of days. Obviously that’s not an issue right now because this is such a small instance, but I’ve been a part of larger ones where the admin had to keep reposting things to make sure that everybody got a chance to see them.

Depending on the fandom, I usually have certain characters I prefer to ship. For example, I like reading fics where Steve is either paired with Tony or Bucky. Some times both. ;)

Loki is one of the few characters that I don't have a favorite pairing for. As long as he's in the story, I'm game. 😊​

Hi everyone. I'm so happy to be apart of this instance. I'm all over the place when it comes to fandom, but my current faves at the moment are:

Some of my fave pairings are:

Please don't follow me unless you are eighteen years or older. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :blobHappy::venom:


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