Getting HRT is such a long process, just gimme the boy juice already

Just wanted to share my friend's idea (with their permission of course)

Found a little doodle another player did of my character during a session. This is also the first male character I played, right when I started to suspect that I wasn't cis.

One of the pros of dressing weird is that you can convince yourself that mismatched socks can actually look good with your outfits.

Hi everyone! I just got here, this is my .

I am french, I am transmasc non-binary, I am autistic and I am a quite a few fandoms, mostly video game fandoms like or , but also in a few anime fandoms like or tv show fandoms like (my current biggest special interest).

I have also recently wanted to gush about my latest character, Kovi, so I might post about him too.

I write, sometimes, my only current finished works being a few fanfics, but I also have a project for novel I'd like to write.

Yeah, I think that's all! Glad to be here, I can't wait to meet y'all.


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