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Ok time to do on that account i guess

Happy to be here!

I tend to jump quickly when it comes to fandom, but it can be very... intense to say the least so I made this side account.

Since last year and a half I've been very into
I also love Cities Skylines, Civilization, Age of Empires and all that type of games :blobOwO:

More recently (well... one year ago soon) I also got back into the kpop fandom with the comeback one my favorite group of 10+ years, SHINee! I grew apart from them for a few years but I'm glad I found that happy place again :blobHeart:

I'll maybe discuss some tv shows on here as well!

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If anyone wants to visit my one year old dream here's my dream address :


And I got to the point of the DLC where I can share the houses I decorated so same thing, if you want to follow me here's the code!


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Automatic 🤝 Be Natural 🤝 One Of These Nights

They should make more of these

it's the sixth year anniversary of Utada Hikaru tweeting:

What makes you think I'm "straight"? 😛

looking at this chart of colors of clothes of breaking bad characters (spoilers in the link) and it's funny how for all of them the wardrobe changes with some murder but for walt jr (walter white's son) it's just "new car :)"

not lee sooman getting fired who will make awkward tiktoks with sm artists now...

1k for a vip blackpink tour ticket i guess at this price yg can really afford a tour every 5 years

question about films & stimming (mainly aimed at autistic ppl but anyone can answer) 

Can you share some films which you find particularly stimmy? can be because of visuals or sound or other reasons! In other words which films make your brain "go brrr", or are "shapes and colours"? I find this stuff really interesting :) (can also be TV shows!)

for me I sometimes find films make my autistic brain happy due to:
- colour palette
- particular animation styles (if animated)
- comfort characters' speech/ clothes/ manerisms/ expressions
- certain scenery, settings, props
- particular songs/soundtracks
- montages, opening sequences, scenes I remember well/ bits of dialogue I have memorised

why did no one tell me about exid come backk sorry???

lil nas x tour 

ok so checked the setlist

from first reviews i saw, it's basically a play

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first lil nas x concert is tonight, very curious as to what the setlist will be since it's listed at 3hrs long but he has approx 1hr of songs :blobHyperThink:

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