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Ok time to do on that account i guess

Happy to be here!

I tend to jump quickly when it comes to fandom, but it can be very... intense to say the least so I made this side account.

Since last year and a half I've been very into
I also love Cities Skylines, Civilization, Age of Empires and all that type of games :blobOwO:

More recently (well... one year ago soon) I also got back into the kpop fandom with the comeback one my favorite group of 10+ years, SHINee! I grew apart from them for a few years but I'm glad I found that happy place again :blobHeart:

I'll maybe discuss some tv shows on here as well!

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If anyone wants to visit my one year old dream here's my dream address :


And I got to the point of the DLC where I can share the houses I decorated so same thing, if you want to follow me here's the code!


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when someone say they just picked up their kid from school and someone else says they just started highschool

I have a lot of thoughts about Taemin's Famous MV and and also Raw (the movie) and thought I could paint something for both of them🍎

Hidden because it's very red and eye straining

#OilPainting #MastoArt

@Nujtag @8 @momo @baeelly t i g h t. need more idols dancing with their choreographers in dance videos :yurihappyfeels:

@InternetEh all her stuff looks so contemporary! I can’t believe this one is from 1909

but these are my gender euphoria vampire fangs and elf ears

@juliasnz You might like France's entry. Sung in Breton, it's a celtic folk song with a great beat.

We know there's a few kpop fans in FanDen, so we added some new kpop emojis for you! :blobRedVelvetLightstick:

@Sapphaos & @rainbowhalo drew some of them, and the rest comes from the instance :joyHeart:

See all the new emojis and their credits here:

just watched the 2nd season of russian doll, didn't know how they could make a good 2nd season with that 1st season and wow! i was blown away

me when i go to a western's artist concert and there's no vcr : give me my money back

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