Ok time to do on that account i guess

Happy to be here!

I tend to jump quickly when it comes to fandom, but it can be very... intense to say the least so I made this side account.

Since last year and a half I've been very into
I also love Cities Skylines, Civilization, Age of Empires and all that type of games :blobOwO:

More recently (well... one year ago soon) I also got back into the kpop fandom with the comeback one my favorite group of 10+ years, SHINee! I grew apart from them for a few years but I'm glad I found that happy place again :blobHeart:

I'll maybe discuss some tv shows on here as well!

Adding onto my above ⬆️​
Welcome to all the new fans I've seen!

This is my fandom side account, so I'll mainly discuss those subjects on here.

Take fandom very widely because I could also talk about other hobbies like or .

Moi : "Oh tiens Sapphaos a fait un compte fandom garden, je me demande de quoi elle va pouvoir parler."


Mdr si jeune et si bloquée :')

( 😋 )

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