stayc lighstick!

will wait to see how it looks lit up to form an opinion on it 🤔

re: shinee anniversay live live tooting (no image descr) 


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shinee anniversay live live tooting (no image descr) 

non binary shinee


happy shinee 14th anniversary with this very cute cake the official account posted! :blobShineeLightstick:

re: book reading, one is about nazism 

new one!

The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow

it's the first book from an irish writer, and used a very unique format : every chapter is from a different perspective, but also some are first person, other 3rd person, and some are written like a play.

it gets some chapters to get used to, but it's really well written!

the dystopian world is greatly built and unique as well

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when someone say they just picked up their kid from school and someone else says they just started highschool

my tv show recs : :blobMeltSobLove:​ 💕​ 🌷​
my movies recs : :blobOhCry:​ :blobFlamethrower:​ 🩸​

book reading, one is about nazism 

Ok so surprisingly I did read 4 books in 4 months this year, we'll see if it stays that (and that's on top of reading webtoons everyday :blobInnocent:​ )

L'originalité du graphisme japonais talks about japanese poster ad design. I believe it was directly translated from chinese because I wasn't able to find any english translation for it.

The mutiny of the Elsinore is from the POV of a terrible white man that thinks he's better than everyone and racist throughout the whole book. I believe the book is ironic and paints the narrator as a shitty person but it's still hard to read lol.

I don't really know if I need to present Maus but it was a really great read.

And the last one I just finished, Ubik, was just amazing! The setting grasped me instantly, you can feel that something is wrong as time passes.

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