@darckcrystale ils envoient des emails de ventes de vinyles si tu les suis sur bandcamp!

first kill review 

so pretty much binged it, as i predicted it's 100% up my alley (i'm a big teen wolf fan and i watched it 5 years after the hype)

it's sweet, cliché, and totally deserves a second season

I don't think of going on here lately but I'm very excited for all the upcoming comebacks 👀

Surprise Taengoo performance :joypoggers: how long has SM been holding on to this for

stayc lighstick!

will wait to see how it looks lit up to form an opinion on it 🤔

re: Twilight Saga, first impressions, no spoilers 

@fledge tbh i don't think i know any twilight enthusiast that genuinely think they're great and not just hilarious

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