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re: Twilight Saga, actors 

@fledge Yeah that's mostly the script and the character, she and Robert Pattinson did with the characters they had :/

love kpop discord servers i already have access to two biden heart fingers emojis

Anybody has good anime recs for me?

I want to practice my listening comprehension but idk what to watch.
I'm almost done with Food Wars, which I loved because of the food aspect, so similar shows are welcome.
I really wanted to rewatch xxxHolic but I'm only finding dubbed versions 🙄​ Maybe I'll try to find something else from Clamp.

How about an f(x) remaster please SM :yvespray: maybe a hot summer or a lachata or an electric shock or even a nu abo :yvespray: please

@8 lmao but don't you know hybe is always the poor little meow meow that does nothing wrong

it's been over a decade since tarantellegra came out. baby me thought it was revolutionary when it came out

re: shinee anniversay live live tooting (no image descr) 

10 minutes about how cute taemin is (i agree)

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re: shinee anniversay live live tooting (no image descr) 

new kibum album!! not really a surprise since he said he wanted to maybe do a repack after bad love :blobShineeLightstick:

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