So I'm working on a smutty merman fanart with, um merman Hux and I'm unsure if I should try getting a texture onto his tail or not.
It's probably better without it but it feels like it still needs something.
Decisions, decisions 🤔

screenshot of my own twitter post, light mode 

I don't understand. Sure, I knew the concept 'face pressed against muscular man chest' was popular but you have to understand I'm generally not a popular artist so this amount of attention feels very alien to me.

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Wow. So basically the kids who vandalized the front of the apartment building I live in now moved on to vandalize the back of it. Where I live.
For legal reasons I can't say if I censored a swastika with a marker or not.

I'm so tired. And the company that owns this building is definitely aware because they recently had the front entrance painted to get rid of the vandalism. But otherwise? Not sure they care enough to hire a security company again. (They used to do that.)

Sure, one could put it down to this just being 'dumb kids' and 'kids will be kids' but there is a line and I draw the line at these type of symbols.

Yesterday I talked a little with a French artist friend and one of the things we talked about was about non-binary identities.

And they told me something I found very interesting, a litmus-test of sorts if you will.

They asked their friends and their father, 'Do you think of yourself as (gender) or yourself?'

Sure, this probably doesn't apply to everyone but I thought it very interesting how we both said, 'I think of myself as myself, not a specific gender.'

I only realize now that I forgot to caption this. TvT'
I guess you can't win them all.

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cw male upper body nudity 

Head empty, just Kylo boob

Ah. It's one of those days where I don't have much energy for anything. That's a pity. I can't even do the prompts over on .art

Saw a photo of a wolf with a little bit of a bokeh effect in the background and my brain immediately went 'stars' so I guess my next art thing might have a wolf and some stars. Maybe a werewolf. Let's see how it goes.

There's a scene in this newest chapter that I found extremely iconic but I have to fight the urge to draw fanart for it.

I'm not sure if the author is even interested in the fandom anymore apart from maybe finishing this one very long and complicated fanfic.
As in, someone who is actually more involved in the fandom might appreciate it more.

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Me on a work-related anonymous survey: clicks non-binary gender option for the first time ever


The strangest thing happened:
I got an email from Ao3 that a fic I thought was dead due to the author actually publishing several books (good for her!! I read the first one, it was great!) had a new chapter.
Let that sink in.
A new chapter on a fanfic that didn't update in ... how many years? I'm unsure, I'll have to check. :O It's a miracle?

The new trams the Vienna public transport is using has seats that are just a bit too high for me. I'm 161 cm tall, so yes I'm short but what this does is that I can't sit comfortable without my back or my calves starting to hurt because I can either have a hurting back or sit on tippy-toes. 😢


Youtube recommended me a video about how worcestershire sauce is made.
I never wondered about this but it's still interesting to watch.

*sings quietly* ocean man, take me by the hand...

The new fic is finished and on AO3, which is great because I'm tired. I had a weird dreamless sleep, the type where you're wide awake and then suddenly in the blink of the eye it's morning and you know you slept but it doesn't feel very restful.

I'm on page 13 of 16 with my story editing but all I really want is to sing along with some songs by The Midnight.
Unfortunately I need the part of my brain that's good at English for editing. 😭

Update on: I asked a shop to delete my data because these dumb-dumbs wanted an ID to correct my stuff:

They now addressed me wrongly as 'Mr'.

I'm tired. At least they deleted the account I guess?

It's super weird when you've been a fandom since its very start and suddenly see someone say to a person who hasn't been in it as long 'oh yeah when we didn't know this character's first name, we called him (name I've never seen anywhere)'.

Sure, I didn't see everything but if a name had been prominent I would have known. And in all honesty, everyone had a first name or two for Hux until Disney finally decided that *maybe* it was time to give a first name to Kylo's rival. Sure, they couldn't have anticipated his popularity but in all honesty, they even gave Mitaka a first name and he appears in only one single scene in the movie where the sole purpose is to show off how Kylo also chokes people like his grandfather did.
And the weirdest thing was that they didn't put Hux's first name into one of those companion encyclopedia style books when they first revealed it, nope, as far as I remember the first time this character officially received a first name was in the book Aftermath: Empire's End.
Let's be honest, they made Hux as a pedant to Wilhuff Tarkin but even Tarkin had a first name.

Finally finished the mermen fanfic. It just needs to be edited.

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