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Ok, let's try a for erotic works !

I will add proper content warning, and try to display tags. Be aware that all these reading notes will be at least a little bit personnal, obviously, intimate subject and all that !

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Hi, I'm Alex Q around there, and it's my mostly culture-focused account 👋

I'm french and don't really speak english fluently, so, be cool, and sorry for butchering this language ~
I will try to write in english for english content, and french for french (and maybe other languages) works, we'll see !

So, in this account, you can expect english and french cultural recommandations (books, mostly), NSFW themes under CW, and probably fandom talks / reactions to my readings / nerding on some works I like.

See the thread below to know more about me ⬇️

(Interest / Fandoms, abreviations I use and things who could be confusing (WIP), [Insert useful info here])

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Here is my pinned thread where I will post the pictures I use for this account & hopefully, credits to the artist.

Unroll ⬇️

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What gender do you idenfity with?

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day 30 #huevember

The last entry is with Peridot! A bit of a special one. November is actually my birth month, so ending this series with a bang! Will be taking an art break for a bit, so thanks for sticking around!

#art #myart #mastoart #CreativeToots #stevenuniverse

TWI, odd description of a gay person, cis-centered 

'' she was lacking the body parts he liked" :blobThinkGlare:

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TW for nudity, blood and slight bodyhorror 

"The Witch"

Also an older piece, but I really still quite like it! I've always just loved this idea of wild witches, who protect their forests from harm.


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Beginning to regret having five pets. It’s not the cost of the food, it’s that there are enough of them to sit at the points of a pentacle and summon a demon. I wish the council had warned me.

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Savez-vous si pour les médiathèques municipales il existe une plateforme recommandée pour la publication de vidéos (type Canal-U pour les vidéos académiques) ?

L'idée est de publier des vidéos type booktube (partage de coups de coeur), l'objectif n'est pas de faire des vues mais d'afficher les vidéos sur le site de la bibli (le CMS n'a pas de lecteur intégré).

Je cherche des alternatives à YouTube à proposer. La ville n'a pas d'instance PeerTube, sinon je pensais Vimeo.

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"Dido", a commissioned illustration of the legendary founder and queen of Carthage. I enjoyed researching artifacts and styles from Phoenician culture - lots of Greek, Syrian, Egyptian and other influences.
Also note the reference to the Trojan war in the wall paintings! #mastoart #history

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J'ai rejoint un serveur discord de meufs un peu sorcières et très féministes et quelqu'une a besoin de soutien pour lancer son salon de thé végétalien à Paris :blob_aww: Comme je rêve déjà d'aller squatter là-bas je vous partage sa page Ulule, si ça vous avez envie/la possibilité de la soutenir :lila_heart_purple:

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Yay, I finally finished my NeoCities site!
It has my listings of favorites for anime, KPop, and video games, plus some graphics I've "adopted" from other NeoCities users, and some old pixel art pieces of mine that I don't mind other people adopting as well!
It's taken me ~2-ish weeks, but I'm really proud of it! :blobAww: :blobMeltSobLove: :blobRave:

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Hi! I'm Sparrow, a queer fan content creator from Vienna, Austria. My native language is German and while I only use my English skills online I'm pretty sure they're good enough for everyday conversations.

I draw fanarts and write fanfiction, currently in the Star Wars fandom for the ship aka I make the sequel villains be cute with each other because even my fanfics that are shameless smut have some fluffy component to them.

Before creating works for the Star Wars fandom I was really deeply into the anime and manga series Trigun which Netflix Germany added to its roster for a while back in 2015 and had me join the tiny but fun fandom back on tumblr. The Trigun fandom originally got me into drawing people instead of only creatures. Since I originally saw the show as a teen on a shoddy website (which was the way most European teens consumed anime back then) I have zero nostalgia for the English dub. Regardless, I had a great time in the Trigun fandom and I'm forever thankful that the people there made me feel good about improving my art.

Through Star Wars I got to know a lot of great individuals, mostly fellow queer content creators who by now mostly moved on to other fandoms. I'm still fine smashing my gay villain dolls together since I'm not done with them just yet.

If you like, you can find my fanfictions on my AO3 account under the same handle, while my art is on several websites but I still think my pillowfort account (same handle) shows it off the best due to the scrollable format.

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Alright, here's my cute DnD cleric: Clara Donnerbart*
She's chaotic good, from a noble house and perfectly snobbish at times but with a good heart. She's not very smart and also not very dexterous but she makes it up with a good helping of wisdom and charisma. Also, she's not smart enough for dwarf-typical racism as her best friend is an elf.

*Donnerbart basically means 'thunder beard'

I'm re-reading a fan-fic, Leap through time, alter crime (to get back home to you) by its_a_beautiful_deformity on AO3

It's a really wholesome fan-fic, about how Max, Chloe and Rachel ends in a throuple together and their life after that <3

And a thing who made it even more wholesome : there is consent talk at every steps of their relationship, the sex scenes in particular, and it's great, really.
Consent is hot 💜

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boost if you're autistic or trans or just really like bowling alley carpet patterns

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I just joined a new instance! I'm Jamie, they/them. I'm a musician and a voice actor. Things I like at the moment include:

- Our Flag Means Death
- Severance
- crocheting
- Lego
- bullet journaling and junk journaling
- Taskmaster
- Moon Knight
- Second Star on the Left (podcast)
- learning Japanese
- cats
- Good Omens

I'm enjoying learning how Mastodon works!

I can also be found at

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#Pokemon #Fakedex

A new regional form has been discovered! It would seem that certain magical artifacts can be possessed by ghosts so that they can manifest in our world! These Shuppet gain psychic powers through the intentions behind the artifact's creation.
These new powers allow the Shuppet to evolve into a Pokémon never seen before: Magiluche, which uses its needles to directly attack the souls of its enemies!
Ghost/Psychic Type!

#Art #DigitalArt #Pokedex

re: Wandering Inn, fr, caps 

bref, très longue note mais :

  • Oui, mistakes were made mais bon, on lui pardonne les chapitres un peu rush… mais je suis épuisée rien que d’avoir tout lu alors j’imagine pas l’état de l’auteurice T_T

  • oui ça ressemble à un burn out en effet… :blobCatSipGlare::blobCatOhNo:

  • entre UN TIERS et deux tiers… moi qui croyais qu’on était bientôt à la fin, ça promet xDD

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