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I'm Ariel (also known as Azaliz), and I love to gush over stories & universes I hold dear! ✨

I'm currently passionate about:
- the Marvel Cinematic Universe (all MCU movies and shows)
- some other Marvel characters (the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, comic Clint)
- the Shadowhunters saga by Cassandra Clare

Apart from that, I strive to make my toots as accessible as possible (image descriptions, CWs, few emojis).

Looking forward to talking/screaming with y'all :heartSparklesTrans:

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Marvel Comics I read / planning to read:

- Hawkeye: Freefall ✅
- Hawkeye 2012 (the Fraction run) ✅
- the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl ▶️
- Ms Marvel ⏹️ (read the first 4 issues, didn't love it so didnt read the remake)
- Young Avengers
- Jessica Jones: Alias 🚫 (I haven't watched the show because it would be too harsh for me. I hoped the comics were easier to read but nope I didn't last 10 pages)

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Steve & Bucky timeline; spoilers for every MCU movie with Captain America 

This is one of the things I'm the most proud of :amaze: A comprehensive timeline of everything that happened in Steve & Bucky's life in the MCU!

Harrow The Ninth (Tamsyn Muir), big spoilers (Act Five/chapter 44) 

I missed Gideon so much, it feels so good to read her again!! To read her sex jokes and her disrespect :blobAww:

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Harrow The Ninth (Tamsyn Muir), big spoilers (Act Five/chapter 44) 

*She*'s finally acting!!


Harrow's cavalier!!!!

The one that's maybe, probably, most definitely, except if Tamsyn plays with my head, Not Ortus!!!!!

I'm so excited!!

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Harrow The Ninth (Tamsyn Muir), big spoilers (Act Five/chapter 43) 

Screaming (affectionate) at Tamsyn for having waited this long to actually explain what was going on

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Harrow The Ninth (Tamsyn Muir), spoilers (Act Five/chapter 42) 

This chapter is literally a coffeeshop AU 😆

(Harrow joins the Cohort and is greeted by the Fourth kids and they go take coffee and the server has short red hair and then Abigail says "Absolutely not".)

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bbc ghosts series 4 

pat and kitty and the captain are all so autistic,,,, i love it <3

stuff I've been watching while sick 

So I've been sick for 10 days now and I have energy for nothing except watching TV (even playing video games is hard) so here's a bit of what I've been watching

I am reading The Rise of Kyoshi, a sequel of the Avatar & Korra series, and, firstly, it's pretty good so far, Kyoshi have a long way to go before becoming a real avatar, and of course it's a good thing for the story, she can't be a hero without trials and dangers to overcome. Even if I don't care for the perspective of the bad guy, I don't really understand why whe have chapters of him yet.

Secondly, OMFG she just kissed her friend-bodyguard who appears to be a girl they are so cuuute together jlkdhfkfmgmsjs

Harrow The Ninth (Tamsyn Muir), spoilers (up to Act Four/chapter 33) 

> "You might be *haunted*"
I audibly gasped

Then, 50 pages later, Harrow meets Camilla Hect and I had forgotten she was alive (at least in my recollection of things, if not Harrow's) and I was so happy to see here again

Then Harrow brings an impossibility to Palamedes's cabin in the River and it's the first time we see the two arcs of the story come together (the flashbacks and the present) and I didnt expect it even though it made perfect sense

And then the chapter ends by "… You never could have guessed that he had seen me." And it's the first time we hear of a "me" behind all the "you" and I screamed into my pillow and giggled and wiggled in my bed I was so overwhelmed by emotions!


This book is so, so peculiar, so immensely secretive and not really frustrating but mind-blowing and -boggling
It always stops just short of understanding, gives you fragments of information so tiny you don't understand the big picture but you're still drawn to it anyway

This is a masterpiece and I can't believe a book like this exists

The first read is such an exquisitely hard and therefore unique experience, I can't articulate my feelings well but hot damn this book is something extraordinary.

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so I finally read Gideon the Ninth after several years of vaguely thinking it was about Romans or something (...I was thinking of Eagle of the Ninth)

turns out that it is in fact about queer necromancers in space. also the world building is absolutely fascinating, I'm really liking into it so far. I mean... creepy necromancer goths, but in space, and also there are swords?

haven't posted any of these for a while! some more of the seaside tarot series

Since this has come up in a few discussions about fanfiction, would a fanfiction instances similar to Mastodon or Peertube be possible and something anyone might be interested in?

That might be a good solution for people who like sites that are more curated or more dedicated to specific fandoms, which those types of sites aren't around any more. It could also be good for people who like archives of anything or people who want separate NSFW sites for fanfiction.

I don't have the knowledge, time, or resources to set something like that up myself, but it's something I think about.every time I try to think where I want to post fanfiction or writing in general

Dear Evan Hansen is one of my favorite musicals. One of my favorite numbers of the album, Words Fail (a song for feeling sorry for messing up), has been covered by the actress that plays another character on the show. She's so good, so expressive, I absolutely love this version!
My only caveat: there are only automatic subtitles in the video.

Courtney Stapleton - Words Fail [Covers Recast Series]

I showed to a friend and i really love this show and the characters! It's quite dark but the characters are so interesting :D

drawing depicting guns, and a bit of blood 

Kai and Yaku spy/assassin AU of sorts idk

#Haikyuu #MastoArt #CreativeToots

In light of yesturday's downtime, I decided it was time to make a back-up account!

Not sure how much I'm gonna post there, but thought I'd share all the same!

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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is such a good show :blobMeltSobLove:

I'm halfway through season two and every episode is a gold nugget. I'm happy :)

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