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I'm Basil, I've been around on mastodon for over a year but wanted a fresh start so- hello!! 😌

I'm trans, my pronouns are they/them and it/its. I'm neurodivergent and in my 20s.

I am white and trans misogyny exempt.

I mostly post about queerness, gender, vampire shit, and fandoms!! Main interests include Doctor Who, Buffy and ☠️

Expect silly posts and more serious posts, I try to use content warnings wherever needed (including food and sex mentions). I only post/boost images with descriptions.

Please let me know if I need to clarify my tone!!

Feel free to follow request :heartBi:​ I'll be more likely to accept it if you have some posts so I can get your vibe :)

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My interests in more depth <3 

Doctor Who- Mostly new who but wanting to get into classic. Favourite doctors are 10, 11 and 8!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel, plus getting into the comics and fanfic)- Favourite character is Spike >:)

Our Flag Means Death- literally the best thing to ever happen, I'm obsessed with Ed (and who isn't), also love Frenchie and Oluwande.

What We Do in the Shadows: the film (I love Viago so much), but also getting into the series :D

Marvel- mostly MCU, favourite character is Bruce! Film/series wise, I love the Avengers, Antman, Thor and Hawkeye.

A Knight's Tale- my favourite film :)

Brokeback Mountain- <3

The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show- the film and various stage versions

The Simon Snow book series- favourite characters are Baz and Shepard!

The Gayly Prophet- an intersectional harry potter analysis podcast which shits on the author a *lot*

BBC Ghosts- favourite characters are Humphrey, The Captain and Julian (unfortunately xD)

The X-Files- watching with my bf, only on S5 but loving it!!

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got 4 hours of sleep and now all my brain can think about is Nandor dancing

it appears there are some vamps on the timeline 🧐

moral of the story, don't forget to recycle your unwanted names

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like, I didn't want it but it's nice that someone else did :)

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something kinda satisfying about seeing trans folks whose chosen name is my birth name

nonbinary as in: allergic to saying the words "male" and "female"

robin from stranger things is such a queer/neurodivergent icon i love her sm

re: Buffy / Stranger Things, food mention 

The Doublemeat Palace / Scoops Ahoy comparison pic is actually great though-

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Buffy / Stranger Things 

"β€˜Stranger Things’ Turned Steve Harrington Into Buffy The Vampire Slayer" this article is so funny to me idk xD

(Warning for Buffy spoilers)

have a theory brewing that (most of) the trans characters in have painted nails, case in point:
β€’ spike
β€’ oz
β€’ drusilla

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talking heads didn't ever release songs they released genders

so grateful that The Story Graph and Letterboxd exist tbh,, they help me so much with *actually* reading the books I wanna read and *actually* watching the films I wanna watch in spite of executive dysfunction

re: the x-files series 5, gay 

sometimes watching the x-files as a bisexual is just like: hmm who is hotter in this episode, mulder or scully? I can't decide

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the x-files series 5, christianity mention 

mulder bringing up Jesus Christ Superstar made me giggle

gender's a playground and I'm just a vampire who doesn't know the rules.. or something like that

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