Punctuation probably would of been helpful but instead I'll let you decide what I intended. Good luck.

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God Father Time off Kendricks new album got me fucked up

Feel like The Killing Joke are underappreciated

Imma get to see the shins with the love of my life. Incredible.

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Anybody here playing ?
I need a group for the weekly step challenges.
Here's my code if anyone's playing 566142305698

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This might sound very conceded but I genuinely believe I could be incredibly entertaining with twitch, YouTube, podcasting, etc but don't feel comfortable putting myself out there that way πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

New Bloc Party and The Head and the Heart
Nice πŸ‘

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Therapist: So you've never really had an emotionally safe enviroment before your partner?

I mean yeah but do we have to say it out loud?

Unbelievable excitement to see Turnstile tonight. Remeber Step 2 Rhythm releasing when I was in high school and being obsessed with it. Missed them coming through multiple times round that time so glad to finally be seeing them. Not to mention their also playing with Ceremony and Citizen.

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This might be the only platform I've liked more than Google+


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