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We just blocked several instances that host very transphobic accounts and/or don't moderate harassment.

We try to keep up with the hashtag, but don't hesitate to ping us if something slips by unnoticed! The list of blocked and silenced instances can be found here:

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This pinned thread lists all the emojis we use on the instance, with the proper credits.

It will be updated every time we add an emojo.

Don't hesitate to tell me if something is wrong in the listing!

noagendasocial . com : No moderation policy, free speech, misogyny, anti-abortion, antivax, conspiracy theory accounts.

djsumdog . com : Free speech + anti-abortion & conspiracy takes by the owner of the instance.

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freeatlantis . com

Saw an anti-abortion toot a few days ago, plus there's virtually no moderation policy and the admin account is an empty shell.

SH, fediblock 

#fediblock @smoothchris @ for continuous sexual harassment

Trump 'fanbase' instance 

Just got a report from this instance, seems like a Trumpet fan boiis instance that's half broken :blobderpverified:

Since they spread only but bullshit I recommend blocking :ablobwink:



Tonight I blocked 8 instances and 3 individual users. Yay!

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block recommendation for @ for posting antisemitic stonetoss comics #fediblock

FediBlock - Soapbox instance, freeze peach - libertarian; federates with kiwifarms, freespeechextremist, noagendasocial, etc.

#FediBlock 🐘

instance block recommendation 


expired certificate but peertube instance with lots of alt-right / covid denial content from the local users + federating

transphobia, fediblock, 

As a result of this I'm personally adding to my domain block list, blocking the whole domain. Because they clearly have no policies or intention to moderate transphobia.

Trans rights are human rights.


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#fediblock, potential new accounts, misogyny, harassment 

Be wary if you get any new accounts from someone with the username @ DrKarateChop

This person has been suspended from .art and .social both in less than 48 hours, for hostility to other users, misogyny brushed off as irony, and bad faith lying about .art being "pro life" because it was suggested he not conflate pro choice to only being about abortion.

He also seems to think expecting users to follow the TOS makes people a cop.

:sobs: there are so many toots in the FediBlock hashtag since the last time I checked, some parts of Fedi are nasty 😫

We know there's a few kpop fans in FanDen, so we added some new kpop emojis for you! :blobRedVelvetLightstick:

@Sapphaos & @rainbowhalo drew some of them, and the rest comes from the instance :joyHeart:

See all the new emojis and their credits here:

list of emojis used in the instance: Kpop 

Most of the kpop emojis we use come from the instance and are free to use:

Our dear Sapphaos created those blobs holding lightsticks:

And our amazing moderator rainbowhalo drew this lookalike Red Velvet logo:

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list of emojis used in the instance: Our Flag Means Death 

All OFMD emojis were created by ikol. They're licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. We currently have:

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list of emojis used in the instance: Signs 

Most of the signs we use are Mutant Standard Emojis, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We currently use:

We also have one to ask for image description, created by t54r4n1:

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list of emojis used in this instance: LGBT+ emojis 

Most of the LGBT+ flags and symbols are Mutant Standard Emojis, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We currently use:
:flagAgender: :flagAromantic::flagAsexual::flagBisexual::flagDemiboy::flagDemigirl::flagDemisexual::flagGenderfluid::flagGenderqueer::flagIntersex::flagLesbian::flagNonBinary::flagPansexual::flagPolyamorous::flagRainbow::flagTrans::100rainbow::gay::gayGay::signAce::signAro::symbolAndrogyne::symbolFemale::symbolMale::symbolNeuter::symbolNonBinary::symbolTrans:

The sparkling pride hearts were made by Kat, licensed under CC0 (free distribution). We currently use:

The other queer emojis were made by Zoë. They're all licensed under CC0, and you can find some of them in their QueerCats project. We currently use:

Finally ikol made one under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 licence:

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Sorry about the repost, I wanted to make those available in the public timeline so that users from others servers can see and use them too!

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And we have more emojis to announce!

@ikol recreated all the flags from the Revenge: :ofmdPirateFlagCannibal: :ofmdPirateFlagDecapitated: :ofmdPirateFlagVomiting: :ofmdPirateFlagCat: :ofmdPirateFlagCatBloody:

If you want more (ofmd or other) emojis, let us know and we can either try to make them ourselves, or commission them.

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The black rainbow pirate flag won the emoji poll, so that's the one we'll put in our emoji list! :pirateFlagRainbow:

You can still use the others by copy/pasting the codes pirateFlagRainbowWhite for :pirateFlagRainbowWhite: and pirateFlagRainbowPink for :pirateFlagRainbowPink:

All pirate rainbow flags were made by @ikol

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