The black rainbow pirate flag won the emoji poll, so that's the one we'll put in our emoji list! :pirateFlagRainbow:

You can still use the others by copy/pasting the codes pirateFlagRainbowWhite for :pirateFlagRainbowWhite: and pirateFlagRainbowPink for :pirateFlagRainbowPink:

All pirate rainbow flags were made by @ikol

And we have more emojis to announce!

@ikol recreated all the flags from the Revenge: :ofmdPirateFlagCannibal: :ofmdPirateFlagDecapitated: :ofmdPirateFlagVomiting: :ofmdPirateFlagCat: :ofmdPirateFlagCatBloody:

If you want more (ofmd or other) emojis, let us know and we can either try to make them ourselves, or commission them.

Sorry about the repost, I wanted to make those available in the public timeline so that users from others servers can see and use them too!

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