Admin uses an ableist slur in his TN and his bio, + is transphobic (his bio has something like "pronouns are: nor/mal" but with a slur).



Federates with blocked instances (poast, rdrama…) and admin follows people from these instances.


beefyboys.win and its alias beefyboys.club, an instance that hosts harrassers.



Single-user instance where the admin disapproves of fediblock, links to freespeechextremist, also interacts with known nazi/racist instances.


"Censorship-free" instance, admin is a conspiracy theorist (antivax, denies global warming, etc).

We now have 161 instances blocked or muted 🥳 Gotta love the hashtag!

noagendasocial . com : No moderation policy, free speech, misogyny, anti-abortion, antivax, conspiracy theory accounts.

djsumdog . com : Free speech + anti-abortion & conspiracy takes by the owner of the instance.

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freeatlantis . com

Saw an anti-abortion toot a few days ago, plus there's virtually no moderation policy and the admin account is an empty shell.

We've blocked a lot of instances in the past few days, mainly by browsing the hashtag.

You can find the list of the blocked servers here: fandom.garden/about/more#unava

Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions!

FediBlock, paraphilia 

my.dirtyhobby.xyz, a porn instance with no moderation policy, at least one user promoting incest + federates with FediBlocked instances.

We just blocked several instances that host very transphobic accounts and/or don't moderate harassment.

We try to keep up with the hashtag, but don't hesitate to ping us if something slips by unnoticed! The list of blocked and silenced instances can be found here: fandom.garden/about/more#unava


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