Hi everyone! You may have noticed that FanDen was down for some time yesterday. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. This was because of an unplanned upgrade of the server by our sysadmin.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts this might happen again from time to time.
If it does, you can email us at admin @ fandom.garden to warn us about it so we can fix it more quickly.

Have a good day,
The Fandom Garden admins (ariel & ikol)

@ceervine Hii, welcome again!
We're doing everything for mastodon not to be toxic and exhausting, I hope you'll like it here ✨

– Ariel

Hi! Hi!
You can call me ceervine or Deer.
I'm 23, and use mostly they/them.
This is my first time using Mastodon at all ever so I am learningTM but looking forward to the experience! Twitter has gotten exhausting to be honest, and tumblr is getting on thin ice too.

I am a writer! I like to roleplay and currently write Hythlodaeus and in a multi-fandom roleplay on discord! I also play Dungeons and Dragons.

My "main" fandoms I guess would be Final Fantasy XIV, Portal, Drawn to Life, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, and Promise of Wizard (which is a recent interest).

I'm always on the hunt for new stories to watch/read/play through. I've been getting more into manga and anime recently. I'm currently reading Spy X Family and Witch Hat Atelier (which I'm more behind on). WHA is such a wonderful tale so far.

I'll be poking around but I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

Domain Block 


Look, when the admin has the R-slur as their username and "pronouns", that should speak volumes. :blobcoffeeunamused2:


introduction toot 

a little #introduction, as a treat:

you can call me Bino (he/him); i'm in my mid-20s and i live in Spain

i mostly use this account to gush about pieces of media i like and their fanworks (#DiscoElysium, #LeagueOfLegends and #Arcane primarily), talk about my own art process and post WIPs and finished pieces, and also share my mental and physical health gripes (appropriately content warned)

i'm a frequent screen reader user, so i appreciate and need image descriptions to interact comfortably with visual media. i try to describe my art and images i make/pictures i take, but i'm not very good at describing things made by others (if i need to, i will CW under 'undescribed image')



Admin uses an ableist slur in his TN and his bio, + is transphobic (his bio has something like "pronouns are: nor/mal" but with a slur).

I have no idea how to do introductions but I'll try

Fandoms I'm a part of:

- MHA / BnHA
- One Piece
- UnOrdinary
- a lot of other webtoons and manga
- Gintama [just started]

Whee I'm finally up to date on the FediBlock hashtag! Blocked 9 more instances in the past few days.

Hope you're having a great day ✨

re: instance/domain block (yes, another so soon) 

@noyovo Hi, thanks for your reports! I've blocked the instances you recommend :)

re: Block recommendation, transphobia 

@darckcrystale Yep, they're a free speech instance and federate with well-known blocked instances: bananachips.club/@nev/10823855

re: question about animated emojis (from an instance admin) 

@nickle4apickle thank you!

Hi all! The server migration went well, the instance is back \o/

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Let me introduce myself!
I'm a 32 year old transgender man, living in New Mexico.
I love video games, books, anime, and paleontology. Plus I'm really into true crime stories.
So basically I'll post mostly what I'm currently interested in and my existential dread.

question about animated emojis (from an instance admin) 

Hi all,

We want to make sure the emojis we use on the instance don't cause problems to people that are sensitive to flashing lights or sudden motions.

The way we are planning to do this is: for each animated emoji we have, we post it under a content warning (for instance "animated emoji, rapid changes in color"), and then reply to the toot with a poll with three possible answers:

  • it's okay
  • it's making me uncomfortable, I'd like a cw when you use this emoji
  • it's terrible, don't use it.

Would this be a good way to get answers? Do you have suggestions for a better way to do this? We're all ears!

Hiya peoples - time for an

I'm Kara, a writer + musician + tech worker. Fandoms-wise, the biggest thing in my life by a huge margin is Love Live, and I will definitely not shut up about it. I am total and irredeemable idol trash. I'm also a Star Trek girl. Some of my other most-beloved anime include "Revue Starlight," "Hyouka," "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions," "Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun," and "Zombieland Saga."

I play keyboards, and I'm currently writing a Love Live fan fic that will be entirely too long (the first installment is novel-length). In my day job, I keep servers running.

Just retooted the introduction posts of the latest members of this instance 🥰

hello, i wanted to make a lil introduction post as my first one here :) i'm muumibee and i recently made the switch to mastodon because i wanted to find more personalized communities n stuff.

i read a ton of books and binge shows when i'm not doing work for grad school. i also do lots of pixel art and like to play slow paced video games like SDV and such. i love to rant and rave about whatever show i'm watching, book i'm reading, game i'm playing, etc. and can't wait to just have a space to info dump!

anyways, let's be pals :) tell me about your favorite show/movie/book/game/etc.!!!

Introduction post 

Hello! I’m a white queer in my early thirties living on the unceded land of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) nation, in what is largely known as Canada.

Hobbies I’ve picked up since the Before Times: writing fic, book/ficbinding, cross stitching, drawing, language studies (ASL & Dutch). Probably something else I’ve forgotten.

In meatspace, I’m in Summer Limbo Mode, waiting to start my degree in the Fall. I’m both excited and utterly terrified. I am so ready to go back to in-person learning. My brain does not get along with the online learning format.

I’ve got two dorky cats in their early senior years, two parents just shy of their senior years, and a lovely partner and metamour.

Nice to meet you!

Henlo, I am now here


I do the gay, I do the gayming too. I'll try to be active here because this seems like an incredibly comfy place!

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