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Hi everyone. I'm so happy to be apart of this instance. I'm all over the place when it comes to fandom, but my current faves at the moment are:

Some of my fave pairings are:

Please don't follow me unless you are eighteen years or older. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :blobHappy::venom:

I'm a cis woman, french, bisexual :flagBisexual:​ aroflux :flagAromantic:​ feminist, and I live the fandom life since 2008 more or less.
[I write sometimes in french](, sometimes in english, and sometimes [I create visual thingies](
[I love pop culture, TV shows, cartoons and anime. And I'm a fujoshi.](
too many fandoms to list, but I will always tell which in CW

Ok time to do on that account i guess

Happy to be here!

I tend to jump quickly when it comes to fandom, but it can be very... intense to say the least so I made this side account.

Since last year and a half I've been very into
I also love Cities Skylines, Civilization, Age of Empires and all that type of games :blobOwO:

More recently (well... one year ago soon) I also got back into the kpop fandom with the comeback one my favorite group of 10+ years, SHINee! I grew apart from them for a few years but I'm glad I found that happy place again :blobHeart:

I'll maybe discuss some tv shows on here as well!

Hi hi! I am a FFXIV player and I main obsession is Emet-Selch/Hades. Because why not? Anywho, enjoy my adventure plate.

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be a part of this instance, but I never know what to say in introductions!

I'm a lesbian, and a disabled person, and old enough to remember before the Internet. Recently I've begun to wonder if I'm austistic.

My fandoms are wide and varied! Current interests include:

-- kpop, eg VIXX (, Taemin (, Ailee (, Nu'est (
-- filk, especially Tom Smith (example: and, Julia Ecklar (, Echo's Children (, Vixy & Tony (
-- peaceful ambient, eg, Gary Stadler's "Fairy Night Music", and

-- Books: Anything from Lois McMaster Bujold, the Foreigner series by C.J.Cherryh, any non-horror by Ursula Vernon/T.Kingfisher but especially the adorable Hamster Princess series, Krista Davis' "Paws & Claws" and "Pen & Ink" cozy mysteries, In Death by J.D. Robb
-- webcomics: White Noise (, A Girl and her Fed (, Kevin & Kell (, Freefall (, Empowered (, Girl Genius (

-- Anime/animated: Mushihi, That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime, Black Butler, Ruroni Kenshin, most of Studio Ghibli, Avatar
-- Live action TV: Babylon 5, Lucifer, Leverage, The Good Place, Dr. Who

-- console games: Final Fantasy up through XIII, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Dragon Quest, Katamari Damacy, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts
-- tabletop rpgs: I haven't had a group since March 2019 😭, but I grew up on D&D 2nd edition, and recently the 5e books to try to update & maybe find a new group. I've also enjoyed WoD, TFOS, Toons, Rifts, and the Marvel RPG.

math, programming, libraries, crochet, puzzles,

I really, really like playing with spreadsheets so if you're trying to figure out how to do something, feel free to ask me!

Yo! Anime and gaming nerd here! Big fan of things like Dragon Ball (I even have a DB podcast!) and Revolutionary Girl Utena (I have a podcast for that too!) Evangelion, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Tales, and just tons and tons more. I'm also a digital artist. Let's nerd out!

Hello! I'm Nickle~ Please use they/them pronouns for me. :3
I love video games, anime, and KPop (amongst other things)! I'm also into crochet and plushie collecting!
I look forward to making friends on here~

I've been on fedi since 2018 but I'm new to this instance, so I'll do a quick re- here!

I'm natrix, my main account here is @natrixnatrix. I'm queer & genderqueer, white, & gay married with a 4 year old kid and two horrible demon cats. I like plants and mushrooms and lizards and drawing. Also physically disabled, mentally ill and neurodivergent.

Current fandom interests are All Tomorrows, Owl House, Our Flag Means Death & The Magnus Archives. I don't really write fic but I draw a lot and it'd be nice to have somewhere to post it!

Hello to everyone. ❤️ Here's my /

Been on and off Masto for a long time but never really found a permanent "home" perse.

I'm a retired web designer and programmer now trying to keep myself from drowning in all the negativity in the world by focusing on creative outlets I've neglected for too long ... mainly writing my first novel.

I enjoy a large amount of media including , (PC, console, and mobile) non-romcom , selective , , , and some American television. I like varied genres of music including , , , , and some .

I don't read too many books anymore because I'm trying to write one of my own but I do enjoy a lot of non-superhero .

I have lived with my 2 best friends / for almost 30 years along with 3 epic cats and too many fishtanks of fish, dwarf frogs, shrimps, and snails.

I'm happy to be here and I hope to meet some great folks. ❤️​

Anybody here playing ?
I need a group for the weekly step challenges.
Here's my code if anyone's playing 566142305698

To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

#Books & #Reading

Don't forget to boost good posts with hashtags so that searchable posts make it out to more instances!



I'm awkward at introductions, that's the first thing to know. I'm entirely awkward, tbh. I'm GenX, it's how we turned out.

Right now I'm doing the most successful therapy I've done in my life and it's reignited my love of so many fandoms. I used to write and I somehow lost that ability (via disability or trauma or both, idk) and last week I wrote a drabble! My first fiction writing the better part of a decade!

I'm and . I have , , , , , , . I'm beginning the diagnostic process for . I'm an activist by training and by desire, specifically focused on .

I'm a & fan. I'm currently reading for the , which is my favorite thing. I'm a long-time attendee and love that they had a virtual con this past year. I also attended virtual last year and am considering virtual .

I'm an East-Coaster and a alum.

And now it's time for current fandoms!

Games: ,


Shows: , , , , , ,

Books feel like a post of their own. Hi, Fandom Garden!

Hi everyone! I'm boosting the introductions of some of our newest members which I didn't boost yet, just in case you missed them :raccoonPeek:

Hello! I am Gwenyth. I'm a non-binary (they/them) Native American who is a cosplayer, crafter, and occasional artist.

My current fandoms are Twisted Wonderland (mobile game), Final Fantasy XIV online. Feel free to ask me about either of these.

For the past decade, I have cosplayed the male protagonist of Persona 3. Before that, I cosplayed Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX for about a decade as well.
Typically I modify bought cosplays and alter them to my liking. I construct my own fleece plushies to use as props. Occasionally, I sell these plushies online.
I'll expand upon these topics as I go along, or whenever I can remember to.


I have recently started to use Mastodon and this is the second instance I join. I usually go by Teneb (they/them in english), and am a historian currently working on my master's degree.

Though my geeky-ness is focused more on videogames, particularly older or more obscure ones, it's usually kind of all over the place.

Non-geeky posts from me might also be found on

I am new to this, but I'm fused Ice. My pronouns are they/them.
Im in more fandoms that I can keep track of, but a few off the top of my head are

I am in many many more, so feel free to ask about ones not listed. Or if you are curious about the ones listed, I'm always happy to talk about them.

Hello! I'm Sparkle, and I'm brand new to Mastodon. Never used a social media platform like this but I honestly love the concept of it so far. Still sort of trying to figure it out a bit though.

I'm nonbinary and pansexual, and my favorite hobbies include art, reading, and playing videogames.

I love interacting in fandoms. My current main fandoms are Genshin and MXTX.
I also enjoy Danganronpa, NU:C, and Undertale, though I'm less likely to be posting about them on a regular basis.

My favorite ships include Kaeluc (genshin), Chiluc (genshin), Chiluckae (genshin ot3), Hualian (TGCF), Wangxian (MDZS), and Oumasai (DR), and I'm likely to post or boost a lot of ship related posts related to these, or possibly even other ships.

My posting may be a tad infrequent though, I'm a bit quiet >>;;

Happy to be here!! <3 <3

A tiny of sorts -

Hello - my name is Tracey, or Trace to most people. I am an unassuming transcriptionist who works to enjoy what I love and to keep the roof over my head and the heads of my foster cats. :raccoonDrink: I have been avid into for a long time - be it or . I also really love and other nerdy TV shows and like chatting about the entertainment I enjoy. I am also a bit of a fan - though not many know that. 😂

I am a 36 year old bisexual woman (she/her) based in NJ, USA. Hope to talk more soon. ❤️

We want to create a rainbow pirate flag for but we're unsure what's the best color scheme.
Please select your favorite(s) - several answers possible.

Emoji description: a rainbow flag with a skull and crossbones of different possible colors in the middle.

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