I'm seeing a lot of proclamations that there should be no exceptions to describing your images or that there's no reason to interact with any that aren't described.

I know these mean well, but they are themselves ableist.

Disabled people know that access needs can clash. I benefit from described images, but I know some people struggle to write them because of their own disabilities.

And that's okay! The culture of image descriptions is great here but it should never be absolutist.

Beg post 

Need help. Again sadly. Roomie still isn't wanting to help with gas in my car beyond $5 a week, so I have to figure out how to cover my gas the next 5 days. Something is wrong with the fuel parts of my car too, so it's not getting the mileage you'd expect from a Mazda 626. I also need a $3 thing of oil, since she isn't helping with that either even though she drives it more then me.
Any little bit helps. I've sold literally everything I can to get me to this point. Luckily pay day is just 5 days away. But until then I'm a bit shit up a creek.
I need maybe $25, but 10 is also workable. If anyone can help it would very appreciated. Just trying to get to where I need to. Boosts and shares also appreciated!

My paypal: jacobsieler2013@gmail.com

"Oh dear, you have a lot of... things."
The cyborg looked up. "The word is prosthetics."
"So much machinery. Don't you worry you will stop being human?"
"Oh, there is a line I will not cross."
"What line is that?"
"I will not question another person's humanity."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Chronic Illness Life--Pictures of Meds 

Look at this well-organized, color-coded box of meds. The blue dots on the bottle caps are night meds, the green are day, and the purple are both.

That's my morning meds in the palm of my hand.

She also said something about how many services are out there for disabled people. Pardon me while I laugh bitterly for about an hour over that one. For some reason she insists I qualify for a home aide and when I quote both UHC and Medicare on how I do not she tunes it out because "other patients have it." Well maybe other patients are different from me? I can only follow the shitty insurance rules.

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Very frustrating session with my therapist today. I was talking about a non-accessible medical building and she said something about reporting it to the ADA. *sigh* So I explained that the ADA is an act, not a department, and that there is no one to report to. When I explained the burden is placed on the disabled person to bring a lawsuit she asked it the ADA provided lawyers. Again, just an act, not people.

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Via Readercon:

Do you have a great panel topic idea for Readercon 32? Or thought of someone new for a panelist? Send us your suggestions! readercon.org/contribute

was my home con for a long time. Now that they've decided to always have a virtual component they're my forever con.

AEW Dynamite 7Sep2022 

Holy shit!
This is fucking wild. Vacate those titles and start over with wrestlers who can behave, I guess.
It's bold, they almost have no choice, I like it.

MJF is so good at this.
Are you that wise Jewish man? 😆 No, he's better.
That is not true. Both the Jets and the Dolphins are worse than Buffalo.
Don't be talking about taking titles to another company. You aren't Shane Douglas.
Now I've got "It's time to play the game" stuck in my head.
The Game g.co/kgs/VnGrka

JYOOONNNNNN MOXLEY! He's a good company guy. "Taking the dark and ugly side of this business and letting it die with another generation."
"It's time to be a legend."

In very important fashion and costuming news, I think Orange has two pair of jeggings because one isn't such a crime against his butt.
Penta is so good. Selling every bit of this.
My new favorite thing is Orange Cassidy wrestling anyone tall enough for him to swing all over.
Rey Fenix: Am I going to kick you this time? No. This time? No. This time? Still No. KICK.
I think Pac left his body after that move. Spontaneous backbend.
This choreography is beautiful. Def time for a holy shit chant.

"If the head is there, get it." Out of Context Words of Wisdom from Taz.

Who's house?
OH BILLY. That shirt. I like him so much more now than Degen-X.
This is Daddy Ass's house!
Where is my man Keith Lee? Needs more Keith.

Corazon de Leon.
"We don't like turtles!"
I beg of someone to get some foundation on Sammy so his face matches his body. Tay? Surely you see this. CJ? You match your spray tan everywhere, maybe you can help him?

You deserved that, Nese. You don't just get to cup a boob.
I have heard none of this on the internet. But whatever gets you fired up.

This cowboy gimmick is so goofy.
I would pay for someone to put him into Jeffster's Blaze of Glory video. youtu.be/lErkYdnr_50

"Man with a Mask, you lovely little buttercup."

They are so red. Ouch.
This is so good and so fun. Most of my commentary has been gasps and cheers.
BOO! Predictable because of the CJ-Danielson feud, but still, BOO.

I Wanna Be A Cowboy

I like this, these two almost mimicking each other because they're so aware of their opponent.

Regal praising the company, too. On the one hand, of course it's propaganda, but on the other I do believe he does like it that young wrestlers can flourish in AEW. I like all this stuff about needing good opponents, too, and wrestling them making you better. I am such a sucker for this.

That was sex.
Very gymnastic sex.
Anyhoo, Daniel wins and his daddy Daniel puts the belt on him. CJ is betrayed!

This was a good night.

Virtual Worldcon/Chicon: A Critical Look at the Final Girl Trope 

IM: Has the tropification of the final girl expanded the trope or has the tropification made it worse?
DK: The praise may be limiting today. It is probably in need of a bigger refresh than is happening now.
ME: Likes when tropes become commonly- and well-known. "It's on the list now status." Now writers have to consider what it means to use that trope.
ME: "Let's do this: Cabin in the Woods."
SM: Epic rant I cannot reproduce but you should know I was clapping all by myself.
ME: First time many people in mainstream became fully aware of these tropes and how they're deployed.

Q: What are thoughts on the girls who get out because they join the antagonist. Are they still a final girl?
SM: You can become a villain after you're a final girl as long as you were the last one standing before you become a villain.
SM: If you were the villain all along you were playing a different role. If the final girl was never actually at risk then she's not a final girl.

Q: After reading My Heart's A Chainsaw--what's the next evolution of the final girl?
SM: Have you read "We Are All Completely Fine?"
ME: Seanan's Wayward Children series.

PS: Talking about gender issues with final girls.
(I remember fanfic from the Buffy days about a trans final girl.)
SM: Infantilization of women. Girls doesn't mean child. ASh is a final girl, you'd never say "final boy."
SM: Enby rep in media is new. Horror is going to be slow to catch up. Issues come up when trans (for example) characters die because it feels like killing the character for what they are instead of killing because it's slasher media. Nobody wants to be the first one to negotiate this.
DK: Hopeful. The change will start at the fringes and move inward.

Accessibility critique: If you are going to have captioning you must familiarize the captioners with the appropriate terms. They are messing up "slasher" during a panel on final girls.


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Virtual Worldcon/Chicon: A Critical Look at the Final Girl Trope 

IM: What is her staying power? Why is she so relevant? (cont)

PS: Women are expected to endure. Cinderella is a final girl.
SM: Most fairy tale girls are final girls.
PS: I think the final girl is a sample of that endurance. Not all good--can be traumatizing. Also ignores that survivors can be any gender.
IM: Slasher is fertile ground for thinking about gender roles and how society has gender roles women are intended to play.

IM: What kinds of changes are you seeing in final girl and slashers?
ME: Sydney, Scream. How she has to seize power for herself. Is aware of her own image. Also in The Final Girls Support Group by Grady Hendrix. (Me: Fan-fucking-fantastic book.)
An expression of generality among final girls because they're looking for the next final girl. Support.
SM: We're seeing the Buffy recovery. (We all hate Joss so much.) Buffy says final girl needs to have super powers.
Final girl killed off in first few minutes in slasher movies to shock and because people no longer believed "normal" girls could be final girls.
SM: See Anna and the Apocalypse. It's a holiday, musical, high-school, comedy, with great music.
SM: Talking about Black Friday. Wiggly is what happens if Cthulhu fucked a Care Bear.

PS: The worst thing the Buffyverse did was killing Cordelia. Giving background on Charisma and how Joss is a shit. (Girl. So fucking say we all. The ep with the ghost was so good.)
SM: She refused to fuck him. (The Joss hate feeds me.)
PS: Eleanor and Tahani, The Good Place. Because they choose to take power.
ME: Seeing more final girls that are not white. Recs Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Mexican Gothic. amazon.com/Mexican-Gothic-Silv
DK: Movie Dashcam. I love that I don't love her (the final girl). Fascinating. imdb.com/title/tt15174116/
ME: Evolution of unlikeable female characters.

SM: In danger here of defining final girl as heroine. "I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I know it when I see it." We shouldn't conflate strong female character with final girl.
IM: Are there things that must exist to be a final girl.
SM: Must be one of the only survivors. Olivia from Fringe is. Mirabel in Encanto. Not Moana. Need element of ticking timeline to be a final girl.
DK: Clover says all support system are gone.
SM: Object to Eleanor and Tahani because their end is found-family, not sole survivors. Journey doesn't involve losses.


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Virtual Worldcon/Chicon: A Critical Look at the Final Girl Trope 

A Critical Look at the Final Girl Trope
Daniel Kraus, Ian Muneshwar (moderator), Meg Elison, Priya Sridhar, Seanan McGuire
The last character (often but not exclusively female) left in a film, particularly slasher films, traditionally ticks a lot of the same boxes that boil down to her being "purer" than the others. The term has been around since 1992, but the trope has been with us a lot longer and has evolved in recent years. What does this evolution look like? Has calling out the trope (to the point that there's now a book by Grady Hendrix called The Final Girl Support Group) helped in that evolution? Is it dead as a doornail, or is there some life left?

(I am delighted to be making the live panel for this. I LOVE final girls. I love deconstructing that topic. I also adore Seanan and all her writing.)

SM: I like slashers.
ME: New book "Number One Fan." amazon.com/Number-One-Fan-Meg-
DK: Horror fan since he first saw Night of the Living Dead.
PS: Likes tropes and flipping them around.
IM: Teaches and writes horror and weird fiction.

IM: Carol J. Clover in her book Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film (1992)

IM: Talk about notable or favorite final girl.
PS: Raven from 2000s Teen Titans.
Buffy was supposed to be a deconstruction of the trope. (Joss is terrible but we won't go into that right now.)
DK: Men, Women, and Chainsaws was his first encounter with the trope. Likes Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street
ME: Likes final girls in short fiction.
We the Girls Who Did Not Make It
Never Tell A Cop Your Real Name
ME: Wants to challenge the notion that final girls are only in horror. They also exist in action. Like Sarah Connor.
SM: Same elements in gothic fiction.
ME: Mina Harper is a final girl.
SM: Sam and Regina from Night of the Comet. Sam is explicitly saved by her sexuality.

IM: What is her staying power? Why is she so relevant?
ME: We expect girls to make smarter decisions which leads to the greater possibility they'll survive. Notes that it's false that girls are more mature, it's that society assumes they are.
SM: Not coming up with many female antagonists. Closest is Tiffany. Like Harley Quinn can't take out the Batman because the Joker would be sad in his heart.
DK: Girls are more prepared to continue fighting because of real life in a way "doofuses" aren't.
DK, ME, SM: Ash from The Evil Dead.
DK: He's sort of a Buster Keaton, which you don't get from final girls.
SM: He has the same aspect of improvising out of his environment that final girls have.

Virtual Worldcon/Chicon: The Middle Ages Weren't Actually Bad 

Everyone: So many stories from the Middle Ages we need to revive. Not keep retelling the same things.
GP: There's a safety in recapping the same thing.
WW: We forgot that stories can challenge worldviews and perceptions. Fantasy is used as escapism. Fantasy is the best mechanism to carry mythological truths that can shake the core of your being.

KH: Brings up comment about religious intolerance.
"I just find it contradictory to say the middle ages weren't bad and weren't ruled by superstition when there are many instances of religious intolerance."
KH: There's an overall assumption that Middle Ages people were living in a time more benighted than ours, that people did not engage in critical thinking. Not true.
WW: The religious wars will also political and people in the Middle Ages knew that.
WW: Is superstition necessarily a bad thing?
GP: Superstition is a problem word. If something fits within a belief structure it's religion. Superstition refers to the stray remnants of stuff that doesn't fit when culture changes. (!!!)
(Gillian Polack is one of my favorite panelists. She knows her stuff and has such interesting stories.)

Q: If you had to recommend a single book that best demonstrates the richness of the Middle Ages, which book would it be?
KH: The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco.
Likes description of monastery and dive into 14thC philosophy. Notes book is told through white Christian male pov. Notes book is problematic in some ways.
WW: Baudolino, Umberto Eco.
It's a wild romp through the Middle Ages.
It's the kind of farce that people in the Middle Ages loved to write themselves.
GP: Can't specifically recommend because we write in our language so it doesn't reflect the Middle Ages. Does rec a specific book for specific things: Raoul de Cambrai.
WW: The Decameron.
GP: Keep in mind why you are reading. If you want to understand the Middle Ages read the Middle Ages. If you want to read modern fantasy then read that.
KH: Interesting to read different translations of medieval lit. Mentions Beowulf translations.
WW: Remember that in the Middle Ages they were often retelling stories. Just like us, creating new and rewriting old.


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Virtual Worldcon/Chicon: The Middle Ages Weren't Actually Bad 

The Middle Ages Weren't Actually Bad
Gillian Polack, Kate Heartfield (moderator), W.B.J. Williams
The new book The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe makes the case that the Middle Ages were actually a remarkable time in human history, that the common depictions of "Dark Age" superstition, ignorance, and poor hygiene are mischarecterizing hundreds of years of vibrant culture. What does that imply about rethinking Medieval-inspired fantasy? What are basically-Medieval, basically-European fantasies getting wrong, and how do "period" fantasies feed back into current popular misconceptions?

The Bright Ages

KH: We understand history in narratives, those narratives come from specific perspectives.
KH: What are some of the most common misconceptions about the Medieval Ages.
GP: Using spices to cover taste and smell of rotten meat means you die from rotten meat.
KH: Misconception--Spices were unheard of in medieval Europe.
WW: Misconception--Feudalism was ubiquitous. Instead there were democracies and communes also.
CP: City-states existed too.
KH: Misconception--Everyone thought the earth was flat.
GP: Misconception--Everyone was dirty and didn't wash.
WW: Misconception--live was nasty, brutal, and short. Instead there were many festivals.
GP: People lived 60-90 years, at 6000 calories a day. (From a study, the details of which I missed.)
WW: Plague in 1300s lead to technological advancements--automated things, water power--because of labor shortages.

GP: Structure of a type of medieval story is familiar to modern superhero storytelling.
GP: How popular a story is doesn't tell you how well it's written.
GP: The Middle Ages has the stories that everybody copies.
WW: The Decameron
(Me: This is like a flashback to my medieval lit class.)

WW: Misconception--that there was no respect for other cultures or traditions. Specifically mentions Jewish stories. Literary and philosophers were borrowing and crediting.
GP: Also stories that were not told across cultures. Specifically a Jewish story about Jesus. There were secret traditions in every culture.
KH: Also propaganda. Like stories about Jews created in England in the Middle Ages. Don't assume because it's medieval that it's true.

KH: Why do misconceptions matter in fantasy?
WW: The stories that get sold. Agents and publishers look at misconceptions in existing lit and assume that's the standard and will not publish stories without it/contradicting it. Example: No people of color in Nordic lands. Example: That religion and science were not antithetical.


Never underestimate the utility of asking, “Do you want a solution, or commiseration?”

Sometimes, people want help achieving a result. Other times, they simply want to be heard.

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