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[Screencap of a tweet from The OTW (Transformative Works @OTW_News:

The OTW is currently dealing with malicious email attacks against our volunteers. Some of our processes may be slower as a result and we ask for your patience as we manage this issue:]

[Screencap of a tweet from rahaeli @rahaeli:

If you are now, or ever have been at any point in the last 14 years have been, an /#otw volunteer under your wallet name, you should IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT ANY DELAY call your police non-emergency number and arrange anti-SWAT precautions.

Link to thread with further information and a script:]

I always feel a little strange watching shows based on real true crime events.

Hadn’t realized when I first started up Candy that it was based on a real case. No spoilers, but I certainly have to admit the whole thing is already intriguing.

The hardest decision when using NJ cryptids for your homebrew game is having to pick which version of the Jersey Devil you want to use as the final encounter.

Some of the depictions look truly ridiculous. πŸ˜‚

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Some new scans for today - Chrono Cross (Greatest Hits version). I just recently got a copy of this game back in, and I regret getting rid of it when I did (I don't even remember doing it.) I'm unsure if the black-label version had a color manual, but I hope it did because these B&W manuals are pretty stale.


#Videogames #GamePreservation #GameScans #PS1 #ChronoCross #ScannableBear

Current foster . Loki is a skittish little thing that never lived in a home until I picked him up a week and a half ago. He’s a sweetheart once he warms up to you!

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Please don't forget to use CWs when you upload or share a video with bright lights changing quickly or stuff like that which could provoke spasmophilia or epilepsy crisis to photosensitive folks!

A tiny of sorts -

Hello - my name is Tracey, or Trace to most people. I am an unassuming transcriptionist who works to enjoy what I love and to keep the roof over my head and the heads of my foster cats. :raccoonDrink: I have been avid into for a long time - be it or . I also really love and other nerdy TV shows and like chatting about the entertainment I enjoy. I am also a bit of a fan - though not many know that. πŸ˜‚

I am a 36 year old bisexual woman (she/her) based in NJ, USA. Hope to talk more soon. ❀️


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