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I'm Ikol, and I've been in various fandoms for the past 15 years ❤️

I love queer stories, science fiction, fantasy, magic, leftist politics, and stories where food & tea hold an important place! :blobDrink:

My main fandom is Marvel, both the MCU and comics :cap_shield:
I post long threads to comment when I'm reading comics, so be ready for that!
My favorite Marvel characters are the Winter Soldier, Venom, Loki and Hawkeye :venom:
My favorite Marvel TV things are TFATWS, Into the Spider-Verse and Black Panther 🐈‍⬛

I'm also the co-admin of the mastodon instance, and creator of some custom emojis :arc_reactor:
I am but a small fan trying to find a cosy place to talk about what I love :raccoonPeek:

I'm excited to be here & to meet fellow fans! :sparklesRainbow:

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Interactions, boundaries, cw, etc 

- Likes, boosts & replies are fine even if we have never interacted before
- Feel free to follow, but I don't always follow back
- You don't have to softblock me to unfollow, and I will only softblock when unfollowing if it's clearly stated in the profile

- If you need me to cw something specific, let me know
- If I forgot an important cw & you want me to repost with the cw, let me know
- I use the word "queer" without a cw (I identify as queer myself)

- I love emojis, but I try to limit them for accessibility reasons
- If you're using a screen reader & follow me, don't hesitate to let me know how I can make things easier for you

- I'm over 18 but I don't post nor boost nsfw content on this account (although I might fave some)
- Compliments & friendly comments are welcome, but please don't flirt with me, even in a jokish way

I'm super excited that Pedro Pascal is Joel! I didn't really follow the news of the casting so this was a surprise, but he fits the role so much and I love him!

I was a bit surprised by Ellie's actress because she's so well known from Games of Thrones & not how I see Ellie, but actually I think she's gonna do awesome with the role, she was so badass in GoT, I trust her with this.

Oh and it's so cool that Marlene is played by her voice actress! I know her from Greenleaf and loved her there so it's nice to see her again.

The overall mood of the trailer really hooked me, and the way the zombies look and sound seem really good.

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stuff I've been watching while sick (Vox Machina) 

Vox Machina

So it was nice, but somehow I expected much more? Like people have been hyping it so much, and I'm like yeah... it's a nice cartoon but not mind-blowing? idk. I hope people who follow critical role loved it, that's the most important.

There was a lot of gore so be warned for that, as well as a lot of crude humor that I actually enjoyed for once. I love the characters, and the story was quite simple but compelling.
I don't think it deserved its place in the queer section (where I found it) tho, it only had 2 vaguely bisexual guys who each flirted with a guy once but were mostly with women, so a bit light.
The cast was amazing, with many voice actors from Last of Us & Overwatch!

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heavy metal thread - Alice Cooper, cw necrophilia mention in lyrics 

"Billion Dollar Babies" by Alice Cooper, released 25.02.1973

This is another hard rock album, rather than heavy metal, but Alice Cooper was quite influential in the visual aspect of metal - as an early shock rock band, their stage shows included lots of fake blood and acted murders.
Another thing to note is that this album is from the band Alice Cooper, not to be mixed with the solo career of the lead singer who adopted the name for himself later on.

The title of the album, Billion Dollar Babies, apparently refers to the fact that the band was shocked to find themselves so successful, and as if to prove them right, this album became their most famous of all.
The band described this album as being about people's "sick perversions", and among those we can find necrophilia (I Love the Dead), sexual harassment (Raped and Freezin'), narcissism (Sick Things), politics (Elected) and... dentists (Unfinished Sweet)?

I quite liked this album! It still doesn't scratch that metal itch for me, but it does have really good songs and I liked the themes and the way they were dealt with.
So far, it looks like this album has the best ratio of songs I liked vs disliked, and the fact that there's no instrumental is definitely helping tip the scales. My favorite songs are Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Generation Landslide & Unfinished Sweet. There's no song I would automatically skip (a first!) but the one I liked less was Mary Ann I suppose, because ballads aren't really my thing - the other ballad on this album, I Love the Dead, gets a pass for being about necrophilia, which immediately makes it more metal.

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stuff I've been watching while sick (Paper Girls) 

Paper Girls

I read the beginning of this comic and quite liked it so I was curious about the TV adaptation.
I really loved it!
Someone described it as "it's stranger things except gay people actually get to kiss in it" and... yup. pretty much. it's not super gay and that's not the focus but I like how they approached the subject. Oh also talking about Stranger Things, Erica's actress plays one of the main roles here.

It's about 4 12 years old girl who get dragged in a time travel mystery, and how discovering their futures impacts them in different ways.
It was so nice, highly recommend it, especially if you like stranger things (it's much less scare/gory tho)

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stuff I've been watching while sick 

Heartbreak High

I'm ashamed to say I thought this was happening in England until the last episode when I realized it was in Australia....

This is very queer and diverse. One of the main character is a black non binary teenager, and their best friend is a queer autistic girl (both actors are respectively nonbinary & autistic). There are indigenous actors, several queer relationships, and the show's background is a progressive sex ed class.

There were very similarities with do revenge, like exploiting the trope of the ~feminist guy~ who's actually kind of an asshole.

This show was surprisingly deep at times and I really enjoyed it!

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stuff I've been watching while sick 

Do Revenge

I mostly watched this movie because Maya Hawke (Robin in Stanger Things) is in it and plays a lesbian again. Hell yeah! :heartLesbian:

It was actually really good, the plot twists were so good and the aesthetic was on point.

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stuff I've been watching while sick 

So I've been sick for 10 days now and I have energy for nothing except watching TV (even playing video games is hard) so here's a bit of what I've been watching

love hanging out with queer people who like to dress like they're the protagonist they're all 100% correct btw

question about "IRL" trans interaction :boostRequest:​ 

out of curiosity, how many trans/gnc people do you know "in person"? (I mean aside from the internet)

[I appreciate that obviously with some people you might not know if they're trans.]

haven't posted any of these for a while! some more of the seaside tarot series

Hell yeah this extremely on brand tank top just came in the mail

"You want me to...? No. Your kink is not my kink, and that's okay, but no."
"It's not a kink, it's... You're an administrator. A good one."
"I don't see how that has any-"
"Bite me!"
"No! Why?"
"So every full moon I'll be able to sort things out, reply to emails..."
"Oh. Okay."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Been playing The Last of Us part 1. I’m totally loving it!

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