New lesbian show on Netflix (coming out in June): a vampire hunter and a vampire falling in love! What more can we ask for? πŸ§›β€β™€οΈβ€‹

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@ikol @ZeldAurore we could ask to not be discontinued at the end of season one πŸ˜…

@ikol Oh. My. God! Are you kidding me? I’ve waited for that show my whole life!

@ikol but also... have you seen that show about lesbian witches where men are only present in background roles for like five minutes of screen time, total, over ten episodes?

@ikol Motherland: Fort Salem, and it's really good (also anti-military). But I've only seen the first season.
Maybe you have some other recommendations? :blobcatpeek:

@ikol we could ask for netflix to stop promoting violently transphobic people, lol. not sure why anyone still gives them money when you can pirate and not fund terfs.

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