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I just joined a new instance! I'm Jamie, they/them. I'm a musician and a voice actor. Things I like at the moment include:

- Our Flag Means Death
- Severance
- crocheting
- Lego
- bullet journaling and junk journaling
- Taskmaster
- Moon Knight
- Second Star on the Left (podcast)
- learning Japanese
- cats
- Good Omens

I'm enjoying learning how Mastodon works!

I can also be found at

Umbrella Academy s3 - trans stuff, major spoilers 

Just finished watching Umbrella Academy season 3 the other day and really enjoyed it! I was very very happy with how Viktor's coming out went!

1) Before Viktor even came out, it was actually pretty rare for gendered words to be used for him in the dialog, in those first couple episodes.

2) After he came out, everyone just automatically accepted his new name and pronouns.

3) No one misgendered him, even when they were really really mad at him. His identity wasn't contingent on either his actions/morality or other people's feelings about him.

4) There were some lovely moments of love and support, especially that scene where Diego told Viktor that Luther wanted to throw a party for Viktor. It was very cute. :D

5) Viktor's plot was mostly not about trans stuff at all. It was mostly about typical Umbrella Academy adventuring and danger and saving the world.

6) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's voice and face started changing within two days of realizing he was trans.

7) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's transition stuff didn't get undone along with everyone else's injuries/body resets.

I feel like this is the kind of trans representation I've been waiting for my whole life! Only rivaled by Jim in Our Flag Means Death.

Anyway, even other than all that stuff, this season was a lot of fun and very exciting and just really well done. :D

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Review of novel Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price - not really spoilery, I kept it pretty vague 

Here's my review of my brother Ken's book - Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price.

Midnight Drive is a gritty noir mystery, but Logan isn't a detective, he's a repo man. But he pretends to be a detective to figure out where this fancy car is that he's supposed to repossess, and belonged to someone who was recently murdered.

At first Logan seems like an asshole, he has a gambling problem and he really lashes out when he loses, but later in the story you start to see his goodness and how he doesn't want people to suffer.

I like that the story takes place in Edmonton and references real places in the city.

It gets really stressful when he draws the attention of some scary people. And there are QR codes at the places where people are killed, which turns out to be connected to something bigger.

There's a detail that's left mysterious at the end of the book, which I imagine will be explained in the sequel, but other than that it's wrapped up nicely, and it's a good self-contained story. There are lots of interesting characters with their own motivations. I really enjoyed this book all the way through!

Here's where you can buy it:

I have a new song! It's about counting on your friends and going on an adventure on a boat! Let me know what you think!

Just got a new game on Steam yesterday, GNOG, and it's a lot of fun, but I've already finished it! :( It took less than three hours. It's a really neat toy/puzzle thing, it's very colourful and musical, and you just play around with it until you figure out what it wants from you. Kind of escape-room-ish logic but with the aesthetic of one of those variety play stations for toddlers lol. I only had to look up one thing in a guide. I wish this game was 5 times as long! What a delight!

My brother Ken wrote a novel and it's out today!! I just read the first chapter and it's awesome, I'm immediately invested! It's a gritty noir mystery set in Edmonton where I live, which is really cool. The main character seems like an asshole lol, but gosh he's having a bad night and I can't wait to see what happens next XD

I've started my neocities page! So far it's mostly cat pictures lol, and a list of things I like. It's been really fun this week getting back into HTML/CSS! Looking forward to adding more!

@nickle4apickle You said to let you know!

Battlegrounds is an 8 player mode where you don't have a deck but you improve your hand every round by buying minions with limited gold, and then the fight phase is automated and random. It's really fun but really hard! This is my first time getting first place!

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I just got 1st place in Battlegrounds mode in Hearthstone!!! :D

I reserved my username on neocities! I'm excited to make a website that's purely for fun and not for promoting anything. I haven't done that in many many years. :D

@nickle4apickle I remembered seeing your page and went back just now to find out where you got your theme from. :D

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A friend posted on his discord that Sims 4 now has an update where you can set the pronouns of your own sims yourself.
This honestly feels huge for me. Let's ignore the way EA is scummy for a second to appreciate that a super popular game now has this feature. I hope in the future this will be considered normal for any game where you can choose your own character(s).

Spoilers for Strange New Worlds episode 3 

I had misgivings about Pike's line that Una doesn't fit any of the stereotypes about her people, so I was really glad that was addressed in her log entry afterward. It was a good acknowledgement that maybe Pike is a little racist, and that that's intentional on the part of the authors. I assume more is gonna happen with that later. Anyway I like that the show so far seems to be thoughtful about things like that.

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Really enjoying Strange New Worlds! It really feels like classic Star Trek. <3 The not-too-serious tone, the episodic structure, etc. And I like the characters so far, especially Captain Pike.

Hm, in my preferences I chose "Always expand posts marked with content warnings," but it's still hiding things behind content warnings. Does anyone know why this is?

Leverage: Redemption, Speculation based on events from episode 2 

Wait, is Hardison leaving the show??? That would be very disappointing. :( Hardison, Parker, and Eliot basically are the show, as far as I'm concerned. Not sure how long I'll keep watching if they're not all there.

Really enjoying the atmosphere on this instance so far. It seems very positive, and the prevalence of content warnings and image descriptions is great. It reminds me a lot of the way LiveJournal was many years ago. :)

I do have a question. It seems like this should be obvious, but can you make some posts private and others public? Like, if my default setting is public, but I make one post private, the next one after that will be public again right? And if my default setting is private, I can still make some posts public?

Spoilers for Heartstopper, including the last episode 

I just finished watching Heartstopper! People had said it was delightful and adorable, and that's true, it made me grin and clap happily a bunch of times. But it was also really stressful! There's bullying, stress about being outed, and there's a scene in episode 8 that made me cry (where Charlie is saying he thinks he just makes everyone's life worse and they're better off without him - ouch my heart).

But I'm glad I watched it. I love how intense all the romantic emotions are, and how viscerally it depicts the tension before and during a touch of the hand or a first kiss. I love the animated electricity when their hands touch! I love that the show uses the word bisexual, I feel like that's still weirdly rare on tv.

One weird thing is that my wife missed the one line that indicates that Elle is trans, and so had no idea for the rest of the show. Like, she was super confused - why did Elle used to go to an all boys school? Or is it a mixed school? It seems like there's no girls there?? - Basically I liked that the show didn't make a big deal about Elle being trans, but maybe it was TOO subtle. (Side note, my wife is trans, so it wasn't obliviousness on her part lol.)

One thing that dampens the happy ending for me is that they had made clear via Tara's story that coming out can be extremely stressful, and they end with Nick deciding he's going to come out. And he and Charlie are so happy about that decision, and I can see why they ended it that way, but I can't help thinking their next year is going to be so hard. But it just wouldn't be believable if they showed Nick coming out and had everything be great. Not sure how/if I would do it differently.

I had been thinking for years now that I'm no longer interested in coming out stories, or about young people figuring out that they're queer. I feel like I had seen a lot of those kinds of stories in the past and I was tired of them. But the trailer made it seem really sweet and cute, and I'm glad I watched it. It was well done and I enjoyed it very much. :)

Moon Knight finale spoilers, thoughts about headmates 

I liked the early episodes of Moon Knight better than the later episodes. The early episodes were mysterious and exciting, and I wanted to know what would happen. And the fight scenes were really interesting because of the time jumps. The later episodes spent more time on more typical fight scenes and I wasn't wondering what would happen anymore. That said, Taweret is delightful, and I liked how Stephen's and Marc's relationship developed.

Now that I think about it, it's such a unique relationship that I've never really seen before in media. It's not really friendship, and it's not really one character's relationship with himself. But Stephen and Marc forgiving each other is sort of like forgiving themselves, and caring about each other is sort of like caring about themselves. But different at the same time. Marc could have selfishly stayed in the field of reeds and left Stephen behind, and going back for him was selfless - literally he was risking harm to himself as an entity for the sake of a different, separate entity. But it's not like a friendship with a separate being with a separate body. IDK it's interesting to think about.

So yeah, I definitely enjoyed that aspect of the last few episodes, but did feel they dragged a little more than earlier episodes.

I’ve noticed multiple people talking about Our Flag Means Death, and hiding it behind a content warning that says “gay pirate show” and not the title of the show. I assume this is because they don’t want it hidden from people who blacklist the word “death”? But it’s confusing because there are multiple gay pirate shows lol. (Black Sails being the other one I can think of.)

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