I’ve noticed multiple people talking about Our Flag Means Death, and hiding it behind a content warning that says “gay pirate show” and not the title of the show. I assume this is because they don’t want it hidden from people who blacklist the word “death”? But it’s confusing because there are multiple gay pirate shows lol. (Black Sails being the other one I can think of.)

@mustbetuesday ohhh I didn't realize that's why they did this! I just title them ofmd. And I guess because everybody's talking so much about ofmd right now, it's obvious which one it id? I would say queer pirate show for ofmd though, and gay pirate show for black sails x)

@ikol LOL yeah I personally think of it as a queer show because it's so much queerer than simply having a male/male relationship. And I don't actually know the reason people tag that way, I was just guessing! But you're right that I haven't seen that much talk about Black Sails lately, that's true. :)


@mustbetuesday @ikol @ariel
from what I understand people may be using "gay" as an umbrella term when they talk about ofmd as the "gay pirate show" so effectively they mean queer? :) And I think it's mainly an affectionate nickname, but I hadn't thought about the backlisted thing, you could be right (especially on masto)!

Also people might just not aware of Black Sails (I'm not!)

re: ofmd, brokeback mountain, sex mention 

@mustbetuesday @ikol @ariel
And this is just me, but personally I love calling it the "gay pirate show" bc it makes me think of when people would refer to Brokeback Mountain as the "gay cowboy movie" as if it were silly and just about gay sex (when really it was so much deeper and more important of that as a film!!)

but long story short- in 2022, calling ofmd the gay pirate show in a positive way feels like a weird reclamation if that makes any sense xD

re: ofmd, queer vs gay wording 

@fledge @fledge Yeah I definitely think people are using gay as an umbrella term. (I used to argue with people about that, because I personally don't identify with the word gay and I felt excluded sometimes, but if I'm being honest, I'm not going to change the way people use the word, and it's not helpful for me to push people away.) But yeah I totally see how it's an endearing way to refer to the show! (And that's a really good point I hadn't thought of that some people aren't aware of Black Sails!)

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