Moon Knight finale spoilers, thoughts about headmates 

I liked the early episodes of Moon Knight better than the later episodes. The early episodes were mysterious and exciting, and I wanted to know what would happen. And the fight scenes were really interesting because of the time jumps. The later episodes spent more time on more typical fight scenes and I wasn't wondering what would happen anymore. That said, Taweret is delightful, and I liked how Stephen's and Marc's relationship developed.

Now that I think about it, it's such a unique relationship that I've never really seen before in media. It's not really friendship, and it's not really one character's relationship with himself. But Stephen and Marc forgiving each other is sort of like forgiving themselves, and caring about each other is sort of like caring about themselves. But different at the same time. Marc could have selfishly stayed in the field of reeds and left Stephen behind, and going back for him was selfless - literally he was risking harm to himself as an entity for the sake of a different, separate entity. But it's not like a friendship with a separate being with a separate body. IDK it's interesting to think about.

So yeah, I definitely enjoyed that aspect of the last few episodes, but did feel they dragged a little more than earlier episodes.

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