Really enjoying the atmosphere on this instance so far. It seems very positive, and the prevalence of content warnings and image descriptions is great. It reminds me a lot of the way LiveJournal was many years ago. :)

I do have a question. It seems like this should be obvious, but can you make some posts private and others public? Like, if my default setting is public, but I make one post private, the next one after that will be public again right? And if my default setting is private, I can still make some posts public?

@mustbetuesday definitely hit the 🌏 symbol (next to poll, which is next to attach)

@mustbetuesday so when you have your toot under construction you can easily choose the "viewable by" option just by hitting the 🌏

@mustbetuesday Adding to what Julie said:
You can definitely change the privacy of every one of your toots!
Your default setting is just that: a default setting. You can override in each toot by pressing the icon that looks like the earth 🌎 (if your default is public) or a lock 🔓 (if your default is unlisted or followers-only). The next toot you write will be your default setting again.


Note that if you're replying to a toot with a more restricted reach than your default, your reply's setting will be the same as the original post (though you can change it).
Say your default is public, and I post something in followers-only. If you reply to my toot, your reply will be set to followers-only too!

I hope this helped 😅

@ariel Oh good, that's basically all what I would have wanted!

Just to clarify one more thing, if I reply to your followers-only post, my reply can be viewed by your followers? Or yours and mine? Or mine?

Thank you for explaining!

@mustbetuesday Followers-only is just *your* followers, + the people you mention in the toot.

So *my* followers may not be able to see *your* reply if they don't follow you. Therefore, sometimes you can only see part of a thread because you don't follow all the people in the thread 😅.

On toots and boosts (sorry if this is obvious!) 

@ariel @mustbetuesday another couple of things to add which I don't think was mentioned:
You cannot boost other people's followers-only toots, but you *can* boost your own followers only toots if you want to.
And personally, I sometimes choose the followers-only setting for a toot more because I feel it doesn't suit being boosted, and less because it's some kind of private subject matter.
And I sometimes choose "unlisted" for replying to threads but not always :) (unlisted toots can also be boosted) :sparklesRainbow:​

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