Hm, in my preferences I chose "Always expand posts marked with content warnings," but it's still hiding things behind content warnings. Does anyone know why this is?

@mustbetuesday oh it's because glitch-soc has its own thing in the “App settings” (the three little cogs), under “Content Warnings”

@mustbetuesday i think i'll remove the glitch-soc local setting and use the /settings/preferences/appearance one instead, it'll be less confusing that way

@Claire Well. it looks like a benefit of the glitch one is that you can specify content warnings to not unfold, and unfold everything else. If you remove it, is that still possible?

@mustbetuesday the idea is that the on/off toggle will be moved to the upstream one, and the regexp thing will stay
the only issue with that is that the content warnings will get unfolded in the public pages as well without checking the regexps

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