Review of novel Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price - not really spoilery, I kept it pretty vague 

Here's my review of my brother Ken's book - Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price.

Midnight Drive is a gritty noir mystery, but Logan isn't a detective, he's a repo man. But he pretends to be a detective to figure out where this fancy car is that he's supposed to repossess, and belonged to someone who was recently murdered.

At first Logan seems like an asshole, he has a gambling problem and he really lashes out when he loses, but later in the story you start to see his goodness and how he doesn't want people to suffer.

I like that the story takes place in Edmonton and references real places in the city.

It gets really stressful when he draws the attention of some scary people. And there are QR codes at the places where people are killed, which turns out to be connected to something bigger.

There's a detail that's left mysterious at the end of the book, which I imagine will be explained in the sequel, but other than that it's wrapped up nicely, and it's a good self-contained story. There are lots of interesting characters with their own motivations. I really enjoyed this book all the way through!

Here's where you can buy it:

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