Umbrella Academy s3 - trans stuff, major spoilers 

Just finished watching Umbrella Academy season 3 the other day and really enjoyed it! I was very very happy with how Viktor's coming out went!

1) Before Viktor even came out, it was actually pretty rare for gendered words to be used for him in the dialog, in those first couple episodes.

2) After he came out, everyone just automatically accepted his new name and pronouns.

3) No one misgendered him, even when they were really really mad at him. His identity wasn't contingent on either his actions/morality or other people's feelings about him.

4) There were some lovely moments of love and support, especially that scene where Diego told Viktor that Luther wanted to throw a party for Viktor. It was very cute. :D

5) Viktor's plot was mostly not about trans stuff at all. It was mostly about typical Umbrella Academy adventuring and danger and saving the world.

6) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's voice and face started changing within two days of realizing he was trans.

7) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's transition stuff didn't get undone along with everyone else's injuries/body resets.

I feel like this is the kind of trans representation I've been waiting for my whole life! Only rivaled by Jim in Our Flag Means Death.

Anyway, even other than all that stuff, this season was a lot of fun and very exciting and just really well done. :D

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