@ikol I’ve only seen the first episode so far and all I have to compare it to is half of the audiobook. So far it’s very well done and enjoyable but very grim. No humour at all. So i think how much you like it will depend on how much that matters to you? That said it’s an interesting premise and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

@ikol The context in which I saw it was someone on tumblr replying to an ask that said “I liked your ST fic,” so it took me a minute lol

Oh no, apparently ST stands for Stranger Things now, which is confusing because it definitely still stands for Star Trek lol

@ikol @ariel (To be fair I'm not sure what they could have done instead. There's a lot happening in a short time!)

@ikol @ariel OMG! That "foreign language" one is especially annoying when it's a North American indigenous language, so not foreign. Also yesterday I rewatched the Emperor's New Groove and briefly put on the descriptive audio track, but the descriptions happened right over top of the singing in the first song so I switched back to regular audio. :/

@ariel I watched a movie yesterday where sometimes there’s Spanish speaking and singing, and sometimes the subtitles translated it to English, and other times (usually during singing) it said “(Spanish)”. Pretty annoying

Ms Marvel ep 6 spoilers 

@ikol I had this exact same thought. It makes me wonder if it was originally written with police as the bad guys and someone made them change it

@ikol lolll amazing 😂 Yeah that’s the one! It’s got a great sound!

I put on a Spotify playlist called "Happy Hits" and it played a song that says over and over in the chorus "I ain't happy yet" lol. Who curated this thing??

(It says "I ain't happy yet but I'm way less sad" so I kind of get it, but my standards for happy songs are a lot higher than this lol)

re: Racist episode of the day 

@akirashibazaki omfg I'm so sorry that happened! Ugggh! What an awful thing to say D:

Umbrella Academy s3 - trans stuff, major spoilers 

Just finished watching Umbrella Academy season 3 the other day and really enjoyed it! I was very very happy with how Viktor's coming out went!

1) Before Viktor even came out, it was actually pretty rare for gendered words to be used for him in the dialog, in those first couple episodes.

2) After he came out, everyone just automatically accepted his new name and pronouns.

3) No one misgendered him, even when they were really really mad at him. His identity wasn't contingent on either his actions/morality or other people's feelings about him.

4) There were some lovely moments of love and support, especially that scene where Diego told Viktor that Luther wanted to throw a party for Viktor. It was very cute. :D

5) Viktor's plot was mostly not about trans stuff at all. It was mostly about typical Umbrella Academy adventuring and danger and saving the world.

6) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's voice and face started changing within two days of realizing he was trans.

7) They didn't bother to explain why Viktor's transition stuff didn't get undone along with everyone else's injuries/body resets.

I feel like this is the kind of trans representation I've been waiting for my whole life! Only rivaled by Jim in Our Flag Means Death.

Anyway, even other than all that stuff, this season was a lot of fun and very exciting and just really well done. :D

strorygraph and letterboxd 

@fledge Ohh that makes sense! Thank you!

@fledge Are you able to explain how they help with that?

Review of novel Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price - not really spoilery, I kept it pretty vague 

Here's my review of my brother Ken's book - Midnight Drive by Kenneth Price.

Midnight Drive is a gritty noir mystery, but Logan isn't a detective, he's a repo man. But he pretends to be a detective to figure out where this fancy car is that he's supposed to repossess, and belonged to someone who was recently murdered.

At first Logan seems like an asshole, he has a gambling problem and he really lashes out when he loses, but later in the story you start to see his goodness and how he doesn't want people to suffer.

I like that the story takes place in Edmonton and references real places in the city.

It gets really stressful when he draws the attention of some scary people. And there are QR codes at the places where people are killed, which turns out to be connected to something bigger.

There's a detail that's left mysterious at the end of the book, which I imagine will be explained in the sequel, but other than that it's wrapped up nicely, and it's a good self-contained story. There are lots of interesting characters with their own motivations. I really enjoyed this book all the way through!

Here's where you can buy it: books2read.com/u/3n2ooR

re: Ms Marvel series, ep 1 & comics spoilers 

@ikol Thank you for this summary! I had read some of the comics but I'd forgotten these details. I really liked the first episode and I'm looking forward to more!

@akirashibazaki Oh I see! Thank you for explaining and good luck! :)

@ariel LOL right?! I wrote it, then watched the show, then kept working on recording the song and was like "Wait a minute..." 😆​

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