hello, i wanted to make a lil introduction post as my first one here :) i'm muumibee and i recently made the switch to mastodon because i wanted to find more personalized communities n stuff.

i read a ton of books and binge shows when i'm not doing work for grad school. i also do lots of pixel art and like to play slow paced video games like SDV and such. i love to rant and rave about whatever show i'm watching, book i'm reading, game i'm playing, etc. and can't wait to just have a space to info dump!

anyways, let's be pals :) tell me about your favorite show/movie/book/game/etc.!!!

@muumibee Moi ja tervetuloa! :blobCheerL:
I hope you'll enjoy the instance!

My current favorite TV show is Our flag means death, and lately I also enjoyed Moon Knight, and I'm waiting excitedly for Ms. Marvel! :captainMarvel:

@ikol moikka ja kiitos! osaatko sä suomea?

that's super cool, I keep getting Our Flag Means Death recommended to me, at this point I *have* to check it out lol 😅

@muumibee puhun vähän (tosi vähän) suomea koska asun Suomessa mutta mä oon ranskasta :blobCoffeeJump:

@ikol aika melko! suomi on tosi tosi kaunis mutta.... vaikea kieli lol. miksi asut nyt suomessa? toivottavasti pidät suomesta :)

@muumibee Se on kaunis kieli! Mutta vaikea, joo... :blobFlee: Mä tykkään suomea tossi paljon! Se on kaunis maa ja täällä on paljon luonto :blobCatHeart: Mä asun täällä koska mun vaimo on suomalainen :blobCatShades:

@ikol nii totta 😪 tosi vaikea. mä haluan käydä suomessa, toivottavasti COVID loppuu pian. mun vaimo on myös suomalainen ja hän kertoo minulle usein kuinka kaunis Suomi on 😌 Muutamme muutaman vuoden kuluttua Suomeen, joten voin olla kärsivällinen 💪

@muumibee greetings 👋

My favorite show is sadly... The Walking Dead 🤦‍♀️🙄 favorite character... Glenn 😭😱 🥴

Favorite movie the Resident Evil series 👍

Favorite game... inexplicably Zombies!!! 🥴🤔😂🤷‍♀️

Favorite book The Sixth Winter which pretty much predicted the breakdown of the polar vortices & failure of the Thermo-Halen oceanic current leading to a widespread catastrophic climate shift which happened >>quickly<<

I liked it because it acknowledged the inter relatedness of our climate mitigating systems & how changes can happen "suddenly" especially if people stubbornly refuse to notice the gradual lead up... to "sudden" change 🤔

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