Breaking Bad (spoilers if you haven't seen the show!!!) 

im confused how in the train heist episode of Breaking Bad, Walt was ok with getting dirt in the methylamine AND with potentially getting watered down methylamine considering they even say that water is more dense than methylamine. Like i know the fly episode was a metaphor and he may not be entirely a stickler for contamination/dilution, but it seems odd.

Dirt in the methylamine seems like an issue. And the water replacing the methylamine WHILE they were removing methylamine is strange because the water would mix and fall to the bottom during the process so they're receiving dirty diluted methylamine (diluted by a percentage they cannot actually figure since the mixing isn't entirely thorough during the heist). I feel like that would kill the purity of their cook but idk shit about chemistry so I wonder if there's a distillation process or something that would remove the dirt from the methylamine.

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