Breaking Bad (spoilers if you've not seen the show!!) 

i literally cannot fathom how moronic Walt is throughout this entire show. He could've had that job at Grey Matter when Elliot offered it to him (GOOD STABLE INCOME). He could've accepted their offer to pay for his treatment. He could've worked quietly under Fring in the fancy lab. He could've let Hank believe Gale was "Heisenberg." He could've sold the methylamine to Declan and gotten FIVE MILLION BUCKS.

He had so many opportunities to just walk away, but his pride destroyed every single good thing he had. His pride! Like Hank wouldn't have looked into Gus Fring unless Walt had just shut the hell up at dinner. He just infected the lives of so many good people like Jesse and all of his family members and Saul and Mike. Jesus. So bad. Walt is such a detestable character lol

Breaking Bad (spoilers if you've not seen the show!!) 

@muumibee not to mansplain here but I think literally the whole point of the series is to show how this guy's thirst for power completely screwed up his life? So of course he's not interested in a stable safe income or anything like that.

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