also i bit the bullet and now im sending my joycons in to get a complete customization, like reshell and all. im thrilled but also scared ill hate my own combo choice lol

i have so many games on my switch that i have to play through 😭 i always buy games when they're on sale for like <$5 and tell myself ill play them later but my library is LOADED now with games i want to play through and just haven't started

"Neopronouns are so harmful to the community" shut uuuuuuuup. Homophobes and transphobes are going to hate the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do so someone using neopronouns really doesn't affect you. Just respect them and move on.

Feelings about being high-risk for covid 

Another day, another person asking my high-risk self to excuse and bless them for not taking covid precautions. I am not the pope of covid, I will not be giving you special dispensation to continue exiling my community from society.

One day I had two at once. In the same post. Both telling me that I knew they care but they just really needed a break so an unmasked vacation and a dinner out was fine, wasn't it?

I'm not anyone's token at-risk person to be trotted out as an excuse for bad and dangerous behavior.

If everyone and everywhere took baseline safety precautions we could all do things.

@melodicake this is so reassuring, i thought i mandela'd my own brain

perhaps i haven't been paying attention but is mastodon purple now i stg i remember blue but now im not sure if my brain was playing tricks on me 😭

I think Crissy could have joined the Hellfire club and made a cute elf dnd character 🥺
#StrangerThings #Netflix

Stranger Things S4 spoilers (i think they are mild spoilers, but just in case) 

I want to do a non-chibi version, but in the meantime.

These four as a team is the best thing that has happened in stranger things in a while imo.

#StrangerThings #MAstoArt #FanArt #Chibi

stranger things 4.2 spoilers 

@ikol as soon as i read this, i just 😭😭 oh no. i LOVED eddie and they just had to do him like that. i wish he could've stuck around longer, he was such a fun character and definitely one of my favorite new characters to be introduced throughout the series

aaaahh finally!! finished my big move into my dream apartment (so much dreamier in person‽) and have no obligations for the next week 💪i can binge some shows and cozy games now after weeks of prepping for this move

Excited capslock 

Here's the reference for my last toot. I shall attempt to make it screen reader-friendly!

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so I am just going to draw an entire seaside-town-themed woodcut tarot now, I guess

unrelated but also something that bothers me is the "nobody has an accent" crowd because it makes no sense. regardless of if you're speaking your native tongue or not, you have some kind of an accent linked to either where you grew up or how you learned the language or some other influence! it's cool and we shouldn't pretend it doesn't exist, accents are awesome :) it's just weird to be so adamant that accents somehow don't exist

I think the best thing i ever did for myself when I was younger was take like 3-4 years of Spanish. it has stuck so well with my. my speaking is terrible, but my ability to read/listen and comprehend is still very reasonably good compared to the average American EFL speaker and it has helped me in more situations than i can count since then.

this also has convinced me that the US is so dumb for not offering language courses to much younger students because i know for a fact the reason i retained so much is because i learned it while i was a preteen. I got so lucky with the teachers too, they taught us how to break down words and guess their meaning both in and out of context based on word structure, placement, roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc. such a good skill man, i am so grateful for it

I highly recommend setting the language of your posts, as this helps people using screen readers. The content is automatically read with the correct voice and pronunciation. This feature of setting the language of your post isn't implemented in all apps yet, but works well in the web interface.

If you only post in one language you can set a default (but do remember to set that default if it's not English).

Also, it helps people filter posts from specific languages.

#a11y #accessibility

@ikol it was kinda funny. she ignored everyone that told her it was bad for 10000 different reasons, the biggest 2 being that it's appropriation and her hair would fall out. I mean hey she was *literally* warned, this is what pride and ignorance will get you 😭😭 wonderful karmic justice

i knew this white girl in high-school once (super straight hair, no texture) that got super tight cornrows and everyone was like "dude that's not cool," but she would ignore us all. Anyways like the next year apparently she had to take them out because her hair was falling out so bad and she came to school with a wig. Someone yanked it off and she had like full on bald row-type patterns because of how tight they were on her head. just something i thought about again today, it was wild

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