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Hello! I’m a white queer in my early thirties living on the unceded land of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) nation, in what is largely known as Canada.

Hobbies I’ve picked up since the Before Times: writing fic, book/ficbinding, cross stitching, drawing, language studies (ASL & Dutch). Probably something else I’ve forgotten.

In meatspace, I’m in Summer Limbo Mode, waiting to start my degree in the Fall. I’m both excited and utterly terrified. I am so ready to go back to in-person learning. My brain does not get along with the online learning format.

I’ve got two dorky cats in their early senior years, two parents just shy of their senior years, and a lovely partner and metamour.

Nice to meet you!

re: Introduction post 

I realize I gave incorrect/misleading information in my intro, and at the risk of giving incorrect information again, the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) nation refers to the Québec region, though I believe the nation extends into the US as well. They're also one of many Indigenous nations in what is largely known as Canada. Cree and Mikmak, les Iroquois, et plus, but I don't yet know all their names.

Introduction post 

@mxpince Hello and welcome! Nice to meet you. 😄

re: Introduction post 

@Nightshade Hi, thank you for the warm welcome! :blobHeart:

re: Introduction post 

@mxpince Welcome to FanDen! I'm Irene! If you ever need any help I'm here and open to DMs! :raccoonPeek::heartPride:

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