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I've been on fedi since 2018 but I'm new to this instance, so I'll do a quick re- here!

I'm natrix, my main account here is @natrixnatrix. I'm queer & genderqueer, white, & gay married with a 4 year old kid and two horrible demon cats. I like plants and mushrooms and lizards and drawing. Also physically disabled, mentally ill and neurodivergent.

Current fandom interests are All Tomorrows, Owl House, Our Flag Means Death & The Magnus Archives. I don't really write fic but I draw a lot and it'd be nice to have somewhere to post it!

re: mild spoilers for the Sandman adaptation, specifically Hob Gadling 

Hob sitting and waiting in that pub until closing time totally brought back the OFMD cliffhanger trauma though

I am *so* glad they didn't just leave it unresolved

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mild spoilers for the Sandman adaptation, specifically 24/7 

I thought it was an interesting choice to lean much harder into psychological horror for the 24 Hour Diner bit

It somehow made John Dee feel both more sympathetic and more evil than in the comics? Like him having a single "I just want no lies!" reason behind it all rather than "uh I guess I'll just do whatever with them until I get bored" changed the character a little bit for me, though not in a bad way. (Although I may also not be remembering the comics correctly. It's been a while.)

Also I thought the acting was great. David Thewlis absolutely nailed the sort of feeling of... someone you might talk to who just seems a bit *off* and you're not quite sure whether he's harmlessly weird, or dangerous.

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on a lighter note, I am *really* enjoying the Sandman adaptation! I think it's really well done so far and I thought the Hob Gadling arc especially was adapted beautifully

re: child illness (he's fine), emeto, fuck the tories, vent 

sitting there simultaneously thinking "this is fucking appalling" and also "thank god that i don't have to go into fucking debt for this"

which I guess is just the NHS experience currently

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re: child illness (he's fine), emeto, fuck the tories, vent 

the fucking waiting room in a&e, though, i am fucking telling you

there were about three benches to sit on, one of which was visibly falling apart. no vending machines or tiny little play area like they used to have.

there was one toilet, which was locked with an out-of-order sign on the door. which did not go well when, ten minutes into us being there, kid told me he was going to throw up again

i frantically tried to attract someone's attention to bring us a bowl or bag or something but NOPE because there was one (1) staff member there and she was on the phone (which obviously is probably important shit that she cant just drop so like fair enough)

so he threw up all over the floor and himself.

a lot.

still could not see any hospital staff so i cleaned up as much as i could with the three wet wipes i had left after cleaning kid up, which was not very much

eventually i had to ask some other parents who were there with their daughter to please just watch bean for a second while i went wandering off down the fucking corridors in search of help or maybe just some paper towels or something to clean it up

like it was right in front of the door just sitting there being a huge disgusting slip hazard AND biohazard rolled up in one I couldn't just leave it there

eventually i found someone who said she would come help and she did, albeit 15 minutes later

i want to emphasise that i am not blaming the staff or hospital AT ALL here, literally everyone we actually interacted with was really helpful and nice. but i am so fucking mad that they're so understaffed and everyone who is there is exhausted and trying to do 25 things at once with 0 budget

but let's all just keep fucking voting tory huh! great leveling up there boris i am very impressed

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child illness (he's fine), emeto 

been a fun couple of days - kid spiked a fever, started throwing up and didn't stop. I ended up taking him to hospital because he had a headache, said his eyes hurt and wasn't keeping fluids down and I just... knew that if I took him to the gp they'd only say "take him to hospital"

so we went. saw a very kind doctor who told us it was gastroenteritis and gave us some stuff to rehydrate him. kid is now... well, still a little off but says he is "91% better" because he learned the concept of percentages and now everything has to be expressed that way

my kid stepped on a d4 so I guess the religious right were correct, dnd IS a danger to children

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asking for money help, please boost, REPOSTED TO FIX LINKS :boost_ok: 


i need $80 to order groceries, $60 for medical weed, and $30 to replace my phone case

$170 in total

currently at $90/$170 but i have to repost this because all the links in the last post were messed up somehow

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. i'm currently searching for remote jobs now

i'm gonna put my full focus towards that, so no more freelance video editing or etsy shop for the moment. please help me survive in the meantime





thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

never thought I'd miss the "tsk tsk, get off instagram because u are forgetting to Truly Live uwu" stuff, but it's 2022 and here we apparently are

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thinking about how the cliche "don't forget to take breaks from Social Media" advice over the last few years has kinda seamlessly changed from "...because you need to reconnect with the Real World and the internet is Bad and Fake and it's Bad to be always chasing likes and competing with people to have the most perfect life!" (which I always felt was kind of irritatingly lecturey and made a lot of weird assumptions about how and why everyone uses social media)

to like "... because it's bad for you to be constantly bombarded with incredibly upsetting information plus continual reminders that a significant proportion of people hate you for existing!" (which, honestly, fair enough)

Told kid that we were done with videogames for the day because he was obviously very tired, and he lay down on the floor and said "I'm done with myself for today"

mood, kid

(this sounds like a subtoot but it's not, i mean like, qanon and shit)

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somehow, some part of me is still not really over the fact that people can just go on the internet and tell lies

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I made a tiny minizine and put it on my shop! It's pay what you want. Maybe print some out and give them to your friends?

re: AI-generated art, horror (it's... a giant eye in the sky) 

(He should, though)

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AI-generated art, horror (it's... a giant eye in the sky) 

Trying to make TMA-inspired art with Midjourney and I liked this one. Something about it has the same sort of vibe to me as Jonny Sims' writing style. (Or maybe China Mieville's, but to the best of my knowledge Mieville has never written about an eye-based apocalypse in London.)

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