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Yay, I finally finished my NeoCities site!
It has my listings of favorites for anime, KPop, and video games, plus some graphics I've "adopted" from other NeoCities users, and some old pixel art pieces of mine that I don't mind other people adopting as well!
It's taken me ~2-ish weeks, but I'm really proud of it! :blobAww: :blobMeltSobLove: :blobRave:

Eeeeeee I bought a couple of Rainbow High dolls on eBay! I saved all the listing pics and screenshotted the descriptions just in case there's anything wrong with them. 😂

The videos for the dance recital I co-run at Anime North are all up on YouTube now! It'd make my day if y'all could check it out and maybe share it around! :blobMeltSobLove:
It has a mix of KPop and JPop/anime songs!

Some sets of commissioned pixel portraits i've drawn! ♥ If you are interested in portraits message me or visit my Ko-fi commissions page!! ♥

#pixelart #fediart #mastoart #art #CommissionsOpen #commission

I bought the Pokémon TCG x Go Radiant Eevee set, and here are my pulls!
My faves are the Radiant Venusaur and Alolan Exeggutor (who I affectionately call Tall Boi)! 💜 🌴 I do love the Eevee as well, but that was guaranteed. 🤭
Apparently the Conkeldurr is Alt Art! OwO

"Neopronouns are so harmful to the community" shut uuuuuuuup. Homophobes and transphobes are going to hate the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do so someone using neopronouns really doesn't affect you. Just respect them and move on.

Feelings about being high-risk for covid 

Another day, another person asking my high-risk self to excuse and bless them for not taking covid precautions. I am not the pope of covid, I will not be giving you special dispensation to continue exiling my community from society.

One day I had two at once. In the same post. Both telling me that I knew they care but they just really needed a break so an unmasked vacation and a dinner out was fine, wasn't it?

I'm not anyone's token at-risk person to be trotted out as an excuse for bad and dangerous behavior.

If everyone and everywhere took baseline safety precautions we could all do things.

jjong covered Driver's High and how did he do this so well?! Hyde's voice is so hard to imitate/upstage wtf

I got my order from Baylee Jae today! Everything looks so good! 💜 ✨ I've already got the charm clipped to my backpack, and a couple of matching pens sitting with the notepad~

Her store is closed for the moment while she moves, but if she's got more stock, she'll probably be opening it back up once she's settled!

(At the very least, she'll re-open in a few months!)

I was looking around pinterest a bunch before bed this morning, and it looks like Kandi jewelry is back in fashion (in alternative fashion)? :D I think I'm gonna chill with some YT and making Kandi~

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