Yay, I finally finished my NeoCities site!
It has my listings of favorites for anime, KPop, and video games, plus some graphics I've "adopted" from other NeoCities users, and some old pixel art pieces of mine that I don't mind other people adopting as well!
It's taken me ~2-ish weeks, but I'm really proud of it! :blobAww: :blobMeltSobLove: :blobRave:

@nickle4apickle Yay great work! Your site is very fun! I'm so intrigued by the idea of neocities :D How is your site going to change over time? Will you just continue to track the things you like? Will there be blog posts? I'm thinking about making a neocities site but I'm not sure what I would do with it lol

@mustbetuesday thank you so much! :blobMeltSobLove:
I don't intend to change too much at the moment. I might make more things for the "For You" page, though! And if I need to add anything to any of the favorites pages, I can easily add them. :3
Oh, and I intend to add more buttons to other NeoCities sites I like as I find them, and more things that I've adopted as well!
The neat thing about NeoCities is you can search and browse other NeoCities sites! So if you're not sure what to put on your site, you can look around for inspiration! :D

@nickle4apickle ahhhh this looks great!!! love the colors. i followed, my site's @ mars2027

@nickle4apickle I love the layout and design! Especially the purple-blue gradient

@rainbowhalo thanks! I can't take credit for the layout, though - it was made by Repth! I did modify it a bit, though!

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