Eeeeeee I bought a couple of Rainbow High dolls on eBay! I saved all the listing pics and screenshotted the descriptions just in case there's anything wrong with them. 😂

Photos of a doll making eye contact 

Skyler has arrived! My goodness, I'm in *love.*

She came from a fellow adult collector, and I can tell she was well taken care of~ Her hair is *sooooo* soft!

Been really ADHD today, but my Krystal (Rainbow High) *did* come in today! I took a bunch of pics that I still need to sort through and edit.

Right now, I'm washing both Krystal and Skyler's hair. Skyler didn't *really* need it, but I plan on re-setting her curls with straws, so I figured why not?

Poor Krystal lost a pretty sizeable clump of hair after the shampoo. 😭 Hopefully it's not noticable once she's all dried and styled. (These dolls *do* seem to have a ridiculous amount of hair, I'm just a ball of anxiety. XD)

😭 Krystal lost *sooo* many clumps of hair during the whole washing and detangling process.

At this point, they've been shampoo'd, conditioned, and detangled. Now I'm letting them sit with the remaining conditioner in for an additional 20 mins beyond however long it's been already. This might be unnecessary as their hair already feels nice, but it shouldn't hurt. 🤷

My next steps are rinsing and finger detangling. I was originally going to let them dry overnight and do the straw curling tomorrow or Sunday, but maybe I should just do it tonight while their hair is already wet? 🤔

Aaaaaaaand I just watched this video and am wishing I asked my husband to pick me up flexirods instead of straws. 🙃
Straws will give smaller, tighter curls, while the flexirods will give softer, looser ones. The softer ones look *sooooo* good!

ADHD and Food 

Heh, I *did* have to take a break after my last toot - I very suddenly realized that my ADHD-ridden brain had forgotten to eat today. ^^; I got some dinner and dessert, chatted with my husband, and did some research on how exactly to use straws to curl doll hair.

Even though I'm a stylist (I don't work in salons anymore as I am disabled, but I still cut hair for close friends and family!), I have no experience curling synthetic hair, so I wanted to gather as much advice as I could!

Now, to curling!

Gross??? Caps for sure, though, and spider mention (possible death?) 


No photo, but it was like, weirdly congealed and came out in small pieces??? 😭 Luckily I could just blow it off my doll's hair, but I'm so rattled right now. I've never had anything come out of that kettle besides water before. 😭

All I can think of was that it could have been a couple of spiders that got boiled alive. We had a period of like, 2 weeks straight where there were lots of baby spiders in our kitchen. What if one or more were just chilling in there when I put the water in and heated it up???? 😱

At any rate, it took me nearly 2 freakin' hours to get my doll's hair in the straw curlers, so I'm both stressed and feeling like a failure of a stylist.

And this was just *1* doll. I still have the other to do. 😭 But I almost completely ran out of bobby pins, so even if things had gone smoothly, I'd have to wait till tomorrow or Sunday to do the other's hair. 😓

*Definitely* considering getting some proper hair tools (smallest size perm rods or flexirods, and end papers) after this fiasco. @__@;

I just hope she looks good after all this. 😭

@nickle4apickle I just got my daughter one of the Shadow High dolls for her birthday. I hope she likes it. If not I'm so stealing it 🤣

Photos of a doll making eye contact 

@nickle4apickle she's beautiful!!!! good find :D

@nickle4apickle it's def better to do it while the hair is wet, at least in my experience since it's easier, though you'll need to heat set with a boil wash anyway with the curlers in so it can go either way

@melodicake yeah, either way the hair's gonna get wet again, but I'll probably do it tonight since I'm kinda on a roll right now. XD

re: Gross??? Caps for sure, though, and spider mention (possible death?) 

@nickle4apickle oh no no no no no, I'm sorry this happened to you, big yikes!

re: Gross??? Caps for sure, though, and spider mention (possible death?) 

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