On Wednesday, my dual monitor stand/mount thing and my new computer chair came in! (Both ahead of schedule!)

I kept forgetting to take pics, oops. ^^; Don't have a pic of the monitor mount anyways, though - not much to look at. But here's my chair! Aaaaahhhhh I love it. ;w;

Bought from: newegg.com/purple-zeanus-ze200

(And here's the monitor mount if you're curious: newegg.com/p/15Z-00A5-000D4?It Quite happy with it so far!)

My old chair was more than a decade old with the padding beaten so far down it felt like I was sitting directly on the plastic base. >< Its faux leather coating was flaking off really badly too - badly enough that I was sweeping every couple days. D:

This new chair is very well padded, has an adjustable back, and has a *footrest!* Given that I'm much more comfortable sitting cross-legged than with my feet flat on the floor, this footrest has been absolutely *wonderful!*

(Also, I haven't tested it out yet, but the lower back cushion is a massage pillow!)

I spent *waaaaay* too much money this month, but at least it was mostly on stuff I actually needed!

Today my new backpack came in! It's lovely~ My old one was starting to fall apart like, last year, so this was *definitely* overdue! XD

It came with 2 pins (not pictured), 2 cards with kawaii drawings on them (not pictured), and the little fuzzy white bear in the lower right pocket. :3 The other pins are from my pin collection~

Bought from: etsy.com/listing/1180908799/ko

(Yes, from etsy. >< I heard that they reached an agreement/changed some of their policies months ago and finally decided to break my boycott.)

(Witch Hat Pin: bayleejae.com, Lore Olympus Hades and Persephone Pin: Hot Topic, Shiny Eevee Pin: The Shiny Eevee Pokémon Go TCG set, Elfilin and Kirby Pins: pre-order bonus for Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

Here's the sweater! Once I get my doll re-strung I'll take a bunch of pics of him in it! :3

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Doll Eye Contact (Rainbow High hair styling) 

I hadn't done anything with Krystal's hair besides wash it, but last night I finally did something! I gave her a couple of cornrow braids on the side of her head~ I love this look! ;w; (I may re-do them though as they aren't the neatest)

Still debating if I'm going to use the flexible curlers on her... 🤔

Doll Eye Contact, Doll Nudity (washing Bloom's hair, replacing Musa's hair ties) 

As I tooted yesturday, I finally got around to washing Bloom's hair! Here are before, during, and after shots, plus Musa's new hair ties~

Doll Eye Contact (2nd doll-sized picnic blanket) 

Finished another picnic blanket for my dolls! This one's bigger than the last, so the first one is being used by the Winx girls now~

Pattern: mooglyblog.com/leapingstripes-
(Smallest size)

Doll Eye Contact (Hat 2) 

Ponytail hats are *definitely* the way to go for these dolls! I didn't need to add any bobby pins to keep this one on!

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Doll Eye Contact 

I made a tiny beanie for my Rainbow High dolls! :D

It *does* need to be held on with a couple of bobby pins (so much hair), so I'm thinking of making another one with the top left open for a ponytail to go through!

Photos of a doll making eye contact 

Skyler has arrived! My goodness, I'm in *love.*

She came from a fellow adult collector, and I can tell she was well taken care of~ Her hair is *sooooo* soft!

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I bought the Pokémon TCG x Go Radiant Eevee set, and here are my pulls!
My faves are the Radiant Venusaur and Alolan Exeggutor (who I affectionately call Tall Boi)! 💜 🌴 I do love the Eevee as well, but that was guaranteed. 🤭
Apparently the Conkeldurr is Alt Art! OwO

I got my order from Baylee Jae today! Everything looks so good! 💜 ✨ I've already got the charm clipped to my backpack, and a couple of matching pens sitting with the notepad~

Her store is closed for the moment while she moves, but if she's got more stock, she'll probably be opening it back up once she's settled! bayleejae.com

(At the very least, she'll re-open in a few months!)

re: Selfie EC 

Oh, forgot to upload this earlier! 😅
Did round 2 on my bangs! It's a lot better now! 😊

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re: Selfie EC 

Color! Probably gonna do another round on the bangs tomorrow - the ends are way lighter than the roots.

But yay! Significantly less brown on my head~ :blobMeltSobLove:

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Selfie EC 

Round 1 done! Honestly feeling like Nick Carter from the 90s. 😂

Went to my friend who works at a salon~ Cut, bleach, and wax (brows + chin)!

Round 2 will be at home! I've got some fun colors! 🤩

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Excited capslock 

Here's the reference for my last toot. I shall attempt to make it screen reader-friendly!

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On a happier note, the grocery store had a Pride section in the floral department~

CW: EC. Subject: my new avatar, made on Picrew 

I think I made this last year; made with this Picrew: picrew.me/image_maker/426722

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