villians who explain their entire plan to the protagonist are adhdtism-coded because they're infodumping

frankie's mv song has been stuck in my head it's just so good. and frankie is adorable in it look at them go 😭 "it's they for me not he or she" legendary

Doll eye contact in a YT video thumbnail + in photos at the end of the video 

I don't know which disabled person needs to hear this but there are people out there who will love you in the ways you need to be loved. There are people who will not treat your access needs as an inconvenience. There are people who will love you for you and not for your proximity to abledness.

On Wednesday, my dual monitor stand/mount thing and my new computer chair came in! (Both ahead of schedule!)

I kept forgetting to take pics, oops. ^^; Don't have a pic of the monitor mount anyways, though - not much to look at. But here's my chair! Aaaaahhhhh I love it. ;w;

Bought from:

(And here's the monitor mount if you're curious: Quite happy with it so far!)

My old chair was more than a decade old with the padding beaten so far down it felt like I was sitting directly on the plastic base. >< Its faux leather coating was flaking off really badly too - badly enough that I was sweeping every couple days. D:

This new chair is very well padded, has an adjustable back, and has a *footrest!* Given that I'm much more comfortable sitting cross-legged than with my feet flat on the floor, this footrest has been absolutely *wonderful!*

(Also, I haven't tested it out yet, but the lower back cushion is a massage pillow!)

Haaaa, just saw the typo on the labeled photo. ^^; It's supposed to say Buried, not Bured. Oops.

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I spent *waaaaay* too much money this month, but at least it was mostly on stuff I actually needed!

Today my new backpack came in! It's lovely~ My old one was starting to fall apart like, last year, so this was *definitely* overdue! XD

It came with 2 pins (not pictured), 2 cards with kawaii drawings on them (not pictured), and the little fuzzy white bear in the lower right pocket. :3 The other pins are from my pin collection~

Bought from:

(Yes, from etsy. >< I heard that they reached an agreement/changed some of their policies months ago and finally decided to break my boycott.)

(Witch Hat Pin:, Lore Olympus Hades and Persephone Pin: Hot Topic, Shiny Eevee Pin: The Shiny Eevee Pokémon Go TCG set, Elfilin and Kirby Pins: pre-order bonus for Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

no the pandemic is not over and you know that full well you piece of shit

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy other people who are excited about collecting them are finding them! I'm just afraid that I'm gonna completely miss out on these. :(

I've never had my own MH dolls - always just admired them from afar - and I absolutely *love* the face sculpts for G3! So I *realllllllllly* wanna get some this time around!

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The FOMO is real. People are finding Monster High G3 at Macy's and ours permanently shut down like 1.5-2 years ago. 🙃 (Actually, now that I think about it, it could have been before the pandemic...)

Casual swearing, angry at randos 

If you're the kind of asshole who doesn't think creating videos is labor worthy of compensation, unfollow me. Or keep your opinions to yourself. I don't want to hear from you.

All labor deserves compensation, full stop.

Well, I feel like an idiot now.

Here I thought that something was wrong with the headphone jack on my PC tower, but it turns out I was just not plugging my headphones in hard enough. =_= Hopefully I won't have to push this hard in the future, cuz this hurt my finger tips. ;A; But at least the headphone jack actually works! ;w;

Now I can get a nice light-up bluetooth speaker to replace these shitty $20 cheaply-made plug-in speakers I bought just to have something. XD

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