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fuck me it's almost 6am i didn't intend to stay up this long

At this point being constantly in pain is my biggest personality trait

Woah, installation is done already!

I was *super* nervous to do this, but I double-checked that I had everything off the laptop before even downloading the Mint .iso. I've just never done this before, so I was really nervous about fucking it up. ^^;

Using Mint from the USB drive was really snappy - every program I tried launching opened really quickly! That was *such* a welcome change from how this laptop's been for the last few years with Windows. Then I saw in the Mint installation guide, "The Live session is slower (it is loaded from a USB stick or DVD as opposed to a SSD or HDD)." Oh my goodness! 😂

I just kept telling myself that this install would be good for my beloved laptop, and after a minute of prepping myself, I hit the install button~

Poor laptop needs a new battery though, so I ordered one earlier. But Linux Mint should help with how slow the computer was overall! None of that Windows crap slowing it down now~

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Aaaahhhhh I'm installing Linux on my old laptop! (I chose Mint) :amaze:

Hello!! I'm excited to inform everyone that I now have commissions open for character portraits!! Whether its your World of Warcraft character, FFXIV character or anything else....I gotchu! ♥

Please read my Terms of service listed on my carrd below as well before commission consideration...thank you!! ♥

#CommissionsOpen #commission #fediart #MastoArt #portrait

re: Selfie EC 

Oh, forgot to upload this earlier! 😅
Did round 2 on my bangs! It's a lot better now! 😊

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not excited for the imperialism explosions holiday coming up

i had somehow underestimated how many people's gender is "anticapitalist"

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Happy Pride everyone! We're doing it again this month! The straights can try to stop me if they want!!

AI art, photorealistic dragon eggs 

The prompt was "a scaly dragon egg made from opalescent coal and molten lava, on a carved stone floor against a forest background photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"

Made in MidJourney #AIArt


AI art, photorealistic dragon eggs 

The prompt for the lighter ones was the same but with 'coal and lava' replaced with 'water and plasma'.

#AIArt made in MidJourney

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