Current status of the first installment of "Love Live! New Melody Project" - 93,738 words as of this moment 😳🙃

I have to admit to picking up physical copies of those LL Vita games for collectibility purposes - as a bonus, they had all the original insets and manuals, too!

After hacking both my new Vita and my new 3DS, I definitely had to dive into the custom theme universe for both. Shockingly, I went with LL. I know, who could have seen it coming?

At this point, the only thing stopping me from shifting entirely to a girly kei wardrobe is money

Hiya peoples - time for an

I'm Kara, a writer + musician + tech worker. Fandoms-wise, the biggest thing in my life by a huge margin is Love Live, and I will definitely not shut up about it. I am total and irredeemable idol trash. I'm also a Star Trek girl. Some of my other most-beloved anime include "Revue Starlight," "Hyouka," "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions," "Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun," and "Zombieland Saga."

I play keyboards, and I'm currently writing a Love Live fan fic that will be entirely too long (the first installment is novel-length). In my day job, I keep servers running.


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