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I have so many good graphics in my graphics folder. I also store images like this in it

I really like their music so I hope they comeback and don't disappear like most nugus do

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I'm honestly really surprised that Saturday are still together and haven't changed member lineup in many many months

tech question, boosts ok 

I was thinking of experimenting with buying a used phone and trying to put together something that I could use similarly to my current phone without being attached to any carrier, like using a phone card or wifi texting+calling or something, does anyone know of any tutorials or advice for how to go about doing this? I'm mostly interested in trying to limit spam calls and texts while still letting calls and texts from my contacts through

Time to confuse myself again by using my old avatar. Now when I see old posts I'll have to look twice to tell which account it's on

I enabled auto deletion on my old account. I favorited the posts I wanted to keep. I hope nothing anyone really liked gets deleted!!

Update to this post: It was finally available, but I didn't have enough for shipping :blobNervous:​

FediBlock user, transphobia 

#FediBlock for YumKimil @

Literally all the Toots and replies I can see from my instance are jumping into threads adding transphobic and other shit takes

Their instance has no clear rules on this, but forwarded reports + messaged the admin, will update thread on that

I did some snooping on myself, and across both accounts I've uploaded 144.2MBs worth of media... Did I post that many videos???

Yes I know about the hide button at the top of the image, but I don't want to see the image of a spoilered post, that makes me want to click on it!!!

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Vanilla mastodon should hide images in spoilers like glitchsoc does. So many times I want to not see an image displayed with a spoiler after clicking on it, but I can't hide it without refreshing the page

The direct messages button may look awful on vanilla mastodon, but it still looks great on glitch soc

Hey everyone!

We just created a #gofundme for my healthcare (colonoscopy + gastroscopy) and electricity bills.

We have to raise around 1000€.

You can read more about it on the GoFundMe link below.

Any help is appreciated, thank you. Please boost 🙏🏻

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund #crowdfund @mutualaid

Standardize using noun/noun/possessive format when listing pronouns online. I don't know which xe you want me to use!!! Specify!!!

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