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Sometimes I wish I had a more interesting taste in music but if I did I know I'd have a big head about it

Of course I have to listen to Female President every time it pops up in my recommendations. I'm a feminist

not lee sooman getting fired who will make awkward tiktoks with sm artists now...

I'd gotten so used to watching netflix dramas that I forgot about the freeze frame slideshow (+ dramatic swelling music) outros

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Shooting stars is so stereotypical but I'm kind of enjoying it. It's like a cheesy wattpad fic

I was watching shooting stars and!! noticed Sojin!!!! Girl's Day Sojin!!!!!

Need financial help/mutual aid, please boost 

Hi! Sorry for doing one of those again, I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I really don’t like it, I know it’s only been a few weeks. I’ve gotten just enough last time to cover rent so that’s the most important, but I’m running low on funds right now to buy food for me and my boyfriend. I work full-time but since it’s an apprenticeship, I am paid just below minimum wage.

My electricity bill just tripled, I should’ve switched providers but apparently I messed up some administrative forms and the new contract is not into effect. The bill from my old provider just got debited from my bank account and I’m overdrafted.

I need 60€ to fill up my overdraft and 100€ or more on top of that would help us keep up with food until I get paid in 1 or 2 weeks.

Any amount would help reach that goal would be great, so consider donating!

You can donate through PayPal or Stripe (card) on my Ko-Fi:
I prefer PayPal because the money reaches me instantly, but use what’s most convenient to you.

Even if you don’t donate because you can’t or don’t want to, a boost helps a lot! So please consider doing that.

Thank you.

I'm short an entire paycheck due to COVID derailing my life. I need like $685 to break even still. My most urgent need though is cat litter and cat food(about $60 total). The cats aren't starving but they are eating cheap cat food and Fergus needs sensitive skin and stomach so it's not ideal, but the litter I'm totally put of 😭

If anyone can kick in a couple bucks my venmo is @badbxtch69

Thanks for reading and boosting friends! Being broke is no joke

Also the main character doing echolalia makes it way less awkward to echo words or sentences. I'm finally using dramas for studying, like I said I'd do 2 years ago...

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I found a drama about an autistic attorney. It's quite stereotypical, but not in an offensive way. The main character is a savant though. But female autistic representation is rare, so I can excuse the stereotypes.
I think the actor nailed the body language, if the actor isn't autistic themself. The character seems to stim with the way she walks, which I find lovely.

I want all the outfits from the dumb dumb music video. Even the matching poofy red dresses

*plays a gif on tusky*
*it pauses my youtube video*

Red Velvet just vibing is better than any choreographed dance
220730 Red Velvet Wendy - Bamboleo (MIK Music Festival)

Is the red velvet beyond live 2021 concert lost media if some of the performances aren't publicly available online? Can paywalled media be considered lost?

I used to get so excited for RV content. Now I don't even watch it bc I'm burnt out

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