: Please don’t use “fancy text” in your display names, bios, or posts. Screenreaders can’t read these symbols as normal latin characters. Unless you want your name to be read as “mathematical script small I, mathematical script small R” and so on, use standard symbols in your display name.

Since this post blew up, browse the , , and tags and find at least one person you can donate to.

This post was very anglocentric because I've noticed it's mostly English speakers who use these characters for aesthetic purposes. This post excludes language scripts that aren't latin, I was /Not/ talking about Arabic or Cyrillic scripts when I said "fancy text"

@rainbowhalo :Chuudamn: i never thought of that, have i been peach emoji gay all along

@rainbowhalo while i do fully endorse this at the moment, i feel there should totally be work done in the screenreader space to make this a non-issue?

i havent messed with screenreader code or parsing or however it does it, but at least one of the screenless devices i've used has been able to parse certain sequences in particular ways, in particular contexts (in my head are emoticons being read as such and prices written eg $2- being read as a human would)

i think this should be more common

@noa For sure. Avoiding certain unicode characters is only a temporary work around until most screenreaders gain better functionality.

@LazyMoogle Emojis are fine in display names, as long as there aren't multiple.

@rainbowhalo I misunderstood you from the beginning, I'm sorry. Please blame it to my tiredness and the fact that I haven't gone to sleep yet. 😆

So... you mean something like this, right?

@rainbowhalo Yup. Can confirm, if a display name or username becomes messy in that way, I just unfollow.

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