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Let me introduce myself!
I'm a 32 year old transgender man, living in New Mexico.
I love video games, books, anime, and paleontology. Plus I'm really into true crime stories.
So basically I'll post mostly what I'm currently interested in and my existential dread.

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This sucks because I'm partially blind (all I see is grey fuzz) in my left eye, and have only 50% vision in my right on a good day. And have no side vision in either eye. I'm used to fuzz all the time, but I hate this kind of fuzz.

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Scratched my cornea somehow sleeping, in my right eye (the only eye I have some vision in). Everything is fuzzy. Hopefully, it clears up later so I can work on some sketch ideas I have.

Possible Octopath Traveler spoilers, and scary demon possum 

Man, the boss you fight as the hunter in Octopath Traveler is scary! Wish I could tame it πŸ˜‚β€‹

Talk about social anxiety, autism, and expectations 

Don't get me wrong, I love my roommate. She nice, and not pushy. But she always thinks I'm mad at her because I'm in my room doing my own thing. I don't like being in the living room because the TV is WAY too loud (think turned up to 60 because she can't hear it), and she always has people over. So there's a mess of TV, people talking, dogs barking. I'm autistic with severe audio sensitivity so it physically hurts to have a lot of noise. I've told her this SOOO many times. I'm not mad, I'm just protecting myself. She knows I'm autistic, she knows I hate a lot of sound. But she's a bit of a scatter brain, and has social anxiety so she always thinks people are mad at her. Which makes me anxious because I don't want her to think I'M mad at her. Even though I don't pretend to be okay with someone, only to be mad at them. I don't understand those games.
Also, I'm not a big TV watcher. It bores me after a while unless its something I really want to watch. She likes to watch TV (or at least have it on) 24/7. I'm a quiet person who likes to work on my art, watch documentaries, read, or play computer games.
Just venting to be honest. Because her anxiety making her think I'm mad just for doing my own thing is making ME anxious. Like I'm doing something wrong. Ugh, well I'm not going to stop what I call fun because she gets stressed. That's not fair.

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In honor of National Book Lovers Day, what books are you all reading currently?

Lewd license plate 

My friend gave this to me for a really early birthday. My asexual ass: "Thanks😢......".

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Mason (he/him) who’s trans needs some money for food for himself & his pets. Anything helps

PayPal: thatoneweirdkid

kkkanyada only
Interac e-transfer:

Omg Octopath Traveler is sooooo good! Can't believe I've been sitting on this game.

Debating on playing Octopath Traveler or Moonlighter before bed. Or Stardew because I don't want to be up toooo late.

"A Closed and Common Orbit" by Becky Chambers is so good so far. I like the new perspective. I'm taking my time with this one, because yet again like a dumbass I didn't get book 3 on kindle. Might start the Murderbot series after this.

Got a fun question to ask my fellow PC gamers: What's your favorite PC (windows) game that should run on a low spec computer?

Working on an art piece that should make you all giggle. I'll have to finish it tomorrow, my hand is killing me. But it's pretty funny.

Oooh I'm feeling the watercolor bug kicking in. Got some new techniques I'm dying to try out. If it wasn't night already I'd probably get to it, but me and my wife have plans to watch Sandman tonight. Maybe I'll get inspiration from that too.

Aw power surges, the best part of monsoon season. Not. Art will have to wait until the storm passes πŸ˜’β€‹

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Reno after some Monsoon (which is not a Reno thing) weather. Taken by a friend.

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"Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important."
-- T.S. Eliot

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