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If the words "busters grapes" don't make you feel anything, have you truly lived?

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I have a new account! I'll be moving there, so if you get a follow request from @rainbowhalo it's me!


"Neither man nor woman, just me, loving tomboy" Soyeon NB arc?

gugudan (ꡬꡬ단) - 'λ‚˜ 같은 μ• ' (A Girl Like Me) Official MV

Every time an "inside source" says it's one thing, then it's not. We're desperate because SM gives us crumbs

Luvie twitter started the rumor that the kr comeback is going to be a full album. Why do we get our hopes up every comeback :blobNervous:​

If Brave Bros didn't obnoxiously add loud intro vocals to their instrumentals they'd be higher on my list. A simple "brave sound" would suffice, but they just have to hype themselves up.

Every time I watch kpop m/vs I always end up watching Red Velvet. Every time. It's inevitable

The amount of happy feelings listening to 3rd gen kpop is giving me is incredible :') Not quite nostalgia, but a very familiar comfort

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