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I apologize for the image descriptions being awkward or hard to understand. The images were also posted out of order, so my references to the previous photo(s) may not make sense. I will work on writing descriptions that can be independant of the rest of the photoset.

HELP :blobSweat: Allure Korea (magazine) previews of Wendy from Red Velvet's 2022 February photoshoot. CW: ec

I'll listen to the new Bibi... and Taeyeon... and Fromis soon. I'm busy doing absolutely nothing :blobFingerGuns:

I know that the national snowstorm is very likely an effect of climate change, but it's kinda cool how half the country can bond over having snow

baby shark 10billion views :pogseul: :hitomikek: outsold your faves


Wordle 208 X/6


I suck at this

Microsoft has taken the most important thing from me. Themes

We could have kept this. This could be our desktops right now.

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