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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Do not make oppressive statements (racist, xenophobic, fatphobic, ableist, queerphobic, sexist, antisemitic, etc.), use abusive slurs or spread hate speech.
  2. Do not engage in harassment of any kind.
  3. Use content warnings especially when talking about sensitive topics or if you are spoiling recent news in your fandom – see more information below.
  4. You can post nudity, as long as it is protected by the adequate content warnings. Pornography is restricted to followers-only posts from 18+ accounts. Pedopornography is forbidden.
  5. Do not publish private conversations without explicit consent of all parties involved, except to the moderation team if you need to report them.
  6. Do not crosspost (from another social network) on the public timelines.
  7. Avoid reposting art. Boost the original toot or, if the art is not from Mastodon, credit and link to the artist, and ideally also ask for their permission.
  8. Do not create any sort of corporate account for advertising purposes. Artists are of course allowed (and encouraged!) to promote their own shops and commissions.
  9. Use of bots on this instance is submitted to admin authorization, including follow bots.
  10. Be nice to each other.
Boosting is held to the same standards as direct posting; only boost toots that respect these rules.

Want to join us?

Tell us why you want to join our instance specifically, when there are so many different options on Mastodon! You can tell us about your current fandoms, about your online communities, and even share other social media accounts if you feel like it.

FanDen is a small instance and we try to keep it that way so that everybody can know each other, and for this reason we cannot accept everybody.

We are manually processing each application. This takes time (5 to 10 minutes each), so we process 0 to 25 applications per day depending on our time and energy. Therefore, do not fret if you do not hear back from us instantly, we will send you an email to tell you whether your request has been approved or declined.

As of 19 May 2022 there are 5 applications pending.

What is Fandom Garden?

In Fandom Garden, you are free to gush about the fandoms you like, whether they're related to books, comics, TV shows, movies or music. Come and find fellow fans to share your passion with!

This is a queer, anti-racist, anti-ableist space. We aims to be a sex-positive instance, with a strong opt-in culture for adult content. Our main language is English, and you need to be at least 13 years old to sign up.

We are aware that fandoms can be toxic, but we hope to foster a good environment rather than an abusive one. We believe that you can enjoy content that has flaws (or was made by flawed creators) without glorifying said flaws (or flawed creators). Always prefer calling in rather than calling out, and never harass fellow fans over their interests: if they are breaking our rules, for instance by promoting hate speech, simply report them.

The same goes for writing about fictional abuse and abusive relationships: we recognize the need for this content to exist, but since it is a hurtful topic for a lot of people, proceed with caution, do not glorify known abusers and use content warnings as much as possible.

Do not hesitate to make your experience of this instance more comfortable by muting fandoms, characters or relationships that you don't want to see in your feed! The same goes with users, nobody should hold it against you if you mute or block them.


The instance's moderation is taken care of voluntarily by the administrators. They enforce the above-listed rules. To that end, they are free to use all the tools at their disposal.

We also try to block any instances that contradict our rules, as well as those which lack consistent moderation. If you think an instance should be blocked, contact our moderation team.

Fandom Garden is run by @gardener, @ikol, @ariel and @rainbowhalo. Together they speak Dutch, English, Finnish, French, and Italian. You can support the instance by helping with the server costs on Liberapay.

Recommendation: Content Warnings

Content warnings are inbuilt in Mastodon, meaning there is a "CW" button that hides the content of a post under a "show more".

As a general rule, before you post a message, ask yourself whether everybody wants to see what you have posted without warning. Maybe your message will trigger a panic attack for some people? Maybe some folks read Mastodon among their family or at work, and don’t want to see graphic images appear suddenly on their screen?

Having a content warning allows others to choose to confront themselves with topics that can be hard for them, instead of having these topics forced upon them.

Some people also use the CW field as announcement or as title for the topic of their post, or to say that their toot is long: that way, the toot is folded and doesn’t clutter the feed.

A non-exclusive list of topics for which you should use CWs is:

  • Spoilers
  • Not Safe For Work : sexual content and violent/gore content
  • Politics, religion, discrimination (transphobia, sexism, xenophobia…)
  • Mental health: depression, suicide, usual phobias…
  • Physical health: medical topics, diets…
  • Common addictions: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs…
  • Food: you can specify whether it's kosher, vegetarian, vegan…
  • Violence: physical & mental abuse, toxic relationships…
  • Weapons: guns, blades…
  • Flashing pieces of media
  • Caps: contains at least one word written in capital letters
  • Media without alternative text

Recommendation: Image Descriptions

If you have the energy for it, try to write image descriptions of the pictures you post. This can be done by clicking on the image in the Compose Box (on the Mastodon web app it's the Edit button, on Tusky it's a round A with a checkbox).

Image descriptions can be a few words (“Books on a shelf.”) or several sentences (“Four books on a shelf. From left to right: […]”). The text should convey what the image mean. If it’s a picture you took, explain what drew your eye; if it’s a graph, explain its behavior and key numbers. You don't have to talk about all the details; just explain what matters to you!

If the image is a long text, you can try to use Mastodon's text recognition if you use the web app. Otherwise, you can mention @OCRbot and it will reply with its text recognition. Be mindful that OCR doesn’t always work, and it’s best to copy and edit the output of the bot rather than letting disabled users try to decipher what the text says.

If you don’t have the energy to write an image description, you can write so in the CW, use the :helpDescribe:​ emoji to invite people to add one, or tag the @imagecaptionpls group which will notify everyone who follows the group that there’s someone who needs an image description.

If you see an image without description, you can reply to the post, remove the mention of the OP, and write the image description.

Privacy Policy

You can choose the privacy level of each of your toots (direct message, followers-only, public). We do not process or sell your data in any way. However, every toot, even sent in private, can be seen by the moderating team if there is a report against it. This means that toots are not encrypted and could be accessed by a third party in case of malicious attacks or legal actions. Therefore, if you wish to discuss sensitive topics, we recommend you use another medium.


This instance is set up thanks to MaaStodon, which handles the server.

Our mascot (the raccoon reading a scroll) was designed by Mirima.

The banner was drawn by Kaerhon.

This instance uses emojis from several sources:

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
mastodon.top far-right instance.
mstdn.io Free speech instance with several blocked users.
theres.life Allows all sorts or bigotry as long as they're Christian. The admin does try to process reports though, so we only silenced the instance for now.

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
anime.website pro-pedophilia, lolicon.
bae.st New instance of neckbeard.xyz that we suspend as well. Free speech instance, violently transphobic users and references to Nazism.
bajax.us Private instance, admin is a troll (uses the n-word + transphobic).
beefyboys.win Publicly says it's an unsafe space + hosts harrassers.
berserker.town federating and being friendly with a bunch of freeze peach instances + hosts ableist, transphobic and fascist conspiracy theorists. Also, they don't moderate any post from another instance.
bitcoinhackers.org Not moderated, no contact, hosts racist and conspiracy theory accounts.
brighteon.social Far-right instance that thinks that fact-checking is a scam.
childpawn.shop Obvious child pornography site. No moderation.
clubcyberia.co Blatant homophobia in the instance rules.
comfyboy.club No moderation, no Terms of service, federates with blocked servers (poa.st, sleepy.cafe…)
cum.desupost.soy racism, sexism, transphobia
cunny.finance Explicitly no site rules.
detroitriotcity.com transmisic admin
djsumdog.com Free speech + anti-abortion & conspiracy takes by the owner of the instance.
dobbs.town Hosts users who hold transphobic, anti-abortion discourse.
etiketi.de hosts account of Boris Reitschuster, rightwing conspiracy theorist. + admin posts corona conspiracies
eveningzoo.club Federating with a lot of already blocked instances. Users promote harrassment, transphobia and racism.
fedi.pawlicker.com No moderation policy + hosts at least one harasser.
freak.university paraphilia.
freeatlantis.com No moderation policy, admin is an empty shell, hosts anti-abortion users.
freecumextremist.com shitposting instance.
freespeechextremist.com Racist, sexist, transphobic statements.
freewahaextremist.wtf Same racist & ableist admin as desupost.soy.
gab.com Far-right instance.
gameliberty.club Hosts nazi accounts, and allows all art, even nsfw with minors.
gearlandia.haus Admins post hate speech. Harassment of Cloud Island administrator.
genitalia.observer Pedophilia
gleasonator.com Doesn't moderate transphobic statements.
glindr.org Doesn't moderate transphobic comments.
glowers.club No moderation policy + hosts harassers.
goyim.app Nazi user, no instance moderation.
hallsofamenti.io far-right USA instance, transphobic accounts.
helladoge.com dogecoin instance, encourages spam and following people with no regard for privacy.
hentai.baby supporting ""minor attraction"" (i.e. pedophilia) and rape.
honkwerx.tech Admin is publicly racist, misogynistic and transphobic.
iddqd.social Nazi sympathizers using Nazi imagery. Plus they're tracking down who's blocking them.
jojo.singleuser.club No moderation; racist and transphobic statements.
justicewarrior.social "Free speech" instance with no moderation rules.
kitsunemimi.club No moderation policy + hosts harassers.
kiwifarms.cc Kiwi Farms' official instance. Users from this instance are known to dox and harass people (online and offline), leading to severe consequences.
kys.moe Federates with other bad instances, sometimes uses slurs, admin is literally called "rude".
leafposter.club "Free speech" instance hosting transphobic accounts.
libre.tube Hosts gore and conspiracy theory videos.
librosphere.fr instance maintenue par une personne connue pour être d'extrême droite
ligma.pro Transphobic statements, instance admin publicly states that if you don't like it you should block it.
lolison.top Federates with other known hate instances + Encouraging harassment of admin.
mastodon.derveni.org No moderation rules + conspiracy theory users.
melalandia.tk Hate speech and pedopornography.
mulmeyun.church free speech instance with no moderation rules.
musksocial.com "for those that hold to Elon's ideals of "Free Speech"
my.dirtyhobby.xyz No moderation policy, hosts people who glorify incest.
neckbeard.xyz Free speech instance, transphobic users and references to Nazism.
nicecrew.digital Free speech instance, hosts harassers.
nnia.space paraphilia
noagendasocial.com No moderation policy, lots of free speech accounts, also misogynistic, anti-abortion, conspiracy theory accounts.
ns.auction Racist instance + hosts harassers.
open.tube expired certificate but peertube instance with lots of alt-right / covid denial content from the local users + federating
pawlicker.com No moderation policy + hosts harassers
paypig.org Interacting with known hate instances - Encouraging harassment of admin.
pieville.net Nazi users.
pkteerium.xyz Free speech instance
pl.anon-kenkai.com Code of Conduct is a literal joke, plus the instance is full of antisemitic, queerphobic and racist stuff, including from the admin.
pleroma.eientei.org Absolutely no site rules (explicitly said so in the About page).
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz Openly nazi and transphobic.
pl.wowana.me Racism, sexism, encouraging suicides.
poa.st Extremely queerphobic harassment.
posting.lolicon.rocks Pedocriminality
pub.getgle.org Not moderated. Hosts misogyny, racism, transmisia, antisemitism and genocide denial.
quietplace.xyz Hosts trolls.
rakket.app shitposting, without censorship
rapefeminists.network Encourages rape.
raplst.town Encourages rape.
raygungothic.xyz Free speech instance that explicitly allows users to post any opinion they "like". Problematic admin.
rdrama.cc No moderation policy, encourages spam, admin is transphobic and a troll, users post nazi imagery.
rojogato.com No moderation policy + hosts harrassers.
ryona.agency Admin is publicly racist, antisemitic, misogynistic and transphobic.
shigusegubu.club No moderation, doesn't block any instance.
shitposter.club Oppressive shitposting.
shortstackran.ch No moderation policy, federates with blocked instances (poast, kiwifarm), full of racism, homophobia, bigotry.
sleepy.cafe Homophobic and transphobic accounts, no moderation rules.
social.anoxinon.de Does not moderate anti-mask discourse.
social.fbxl.net FediBlock because of explicit wish of the admin.
social.freetalklive.com Federates with blocked instances, has absolutely no moderation policy.
social.imirhil.fr Private instance, created to circumvent suspensions.
social.lovingexpressions.net A fascist troll instance.
social.pseudo-whiskey.bar Admin boosts pedoporn and uncensored porn.
social.teci.world free speech instance with no moderation policy
soc.mahodou.moe Racism, ableism, trolling, and priding themselves in having "No blocks on any instances" and "Super lax TOS" on their server.
spinster.xyz Transphobic (TERF) policies.
stop.voring.me Hosts minors posting sexual content
terrible.place Not a good instance name. Also, fascism, racism and harrassment.
tmediatech.io Trump social network
truthsocial.co.in pro-Trump instance.
truthsocial.com Trump instance
unsafe.space The name itself says it all: this is not a safe space.
varishangout.net Hosts harassers.
wolfgirl.bar Sexist and very violent terms of service, transphobic admin, no moderation.
yggdrasil.social Completely queerphobic (even on the About page).
zetamu.club paraphilia